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Genetics and Genomics

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    1. Genetics and Genomics

    Quantitative proteomic analysis of skeletal muscles from wild-type and transgenic mice carrying recessive Ryr1 mutations linked to congenital myopathies

    Jan Eckhardt, Alexis Ruiz ... Francesco Zorzato
    Quantitative proteomic analysis shows that recessive Ryr1 mutations not only decrease the content of RyR1 protein in muscle, but also affect the content of many other proteins involved in a variety of biological processes.
    1. Genetics and Genomics
    2. Physics of Living Systems

    Coarsening dynamics can explain meiotic crossover patterning in both the presence and absence of the synaptonemal complex

    John A Fozard, Chris Morgan, Martin Howard
    Mathematical modelling, together with super-resolution imaging in Arabidopsis, demonstrates that a recently proposed coarsening model for meiotic crossover interference can explain the dynamic patterning of crossovers in many contexts, including in zyp1 and pch2 chromosome structure mutants.
    1. Genetics and Genomics
    2. Neuroscience

    Nutrigenomic regulation of sensory plasticity

    Hayeon Sung, Anoumid Vaziri ... Monica Dus
    Nutrient and activity-responsive pathways converge on chromatin to drive neural adaptations to the food environment.
    1. Genetics and Genomics
    2. Evolutionary Biology

    Regulatory and coding sequences of TRNP1 co-evolve with brain size and cortical folding in mammals

    Zane Kliesmete, Lucas Esteban Wange ... Wolfgang Enard
    Combining phylogenetic and functional approaches, it is shown that the protein sequence, the proliferative activity, and a regulatory element of TRNP1 co-evolve with brain size and folding.
    1. Evolutionary Biology
    2. Genetics and Genomics

    The lingering effects of Neanderthal introgression on human complex traits

    Xinzhu Wei, Christopher R Robles ... Sriram Sankararaman
    1. Genetics and Genomics

    Native functions of short tandem repeats

    Shannon E Wright, Peter K Todd
    The mechanisms by which non-pathologic short tandem repeats normally influence gene expression and engender rapid genetic variation across phylogeny directly inform how expansions in these same repeats elicit neurological disease.

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