eLife Science Digests

Cutting jargon and putting research in context, digests showcase some of the latest articles published in eLife.


  1. Lights, camera, action

    A machine learning tool analyzing video footage from lab experiments can detect behavioral patterns in mice.
  2. Engineering picky viruses

    A small change in a surface protein can make viruses kill specific strains of bacteria.
  3. Breaking heart cells

    In mice, age, weight, inactivity and other risk factors for cardiovascular disease all damage the cells that line the heart in the same way.
  4. Neighborhood watch

    In fruit flies, competition between cells helps to eliminate those carrying damaged genetic information.
  5. A viral one-two punch

    A pair of cytomegalovirus proteins team up to make it difficult for the immune system to recognize and destroy virus-infected cells promoting life-long infections.
  6. A new role for anakinra

    Taking anakinra, a drug used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, may prevent people infected with COVID-19 from developing severe respiratory failure and dying.
  7. The friend (or foe) within

    In a species of soil bacteria, carrying a certain type of mobile DNA element gives a competitive advantage when living in biofilms.
  8. On target with tTARGIT

    A new molecular genetic tool makes it possible to manipulate precisely identified sets of neurons.