eLife Science Digests

Cutting jargon and putting research in context, digests showcase some of the latest articles published in eLife.


  1. New imaging technique sets sights on multiple sclerosis

    Imaging mass cytometry is put to the test in multiple sclerosis to examine inflammatory lesions in whole brain tissue.
  2. React or divide?

    Notch signals regulate how some brain cells in zebrafish respond to injury.
  3. A place for every cell and every cell in its place

    Cells in the developing fly trachea wait to find out where they are before deciding what cell type to become.
  4. Making the cut

    Researchers provide new insight into how an enzyme used in CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing technology cuts DNA.
  5. How much do you value social interaction?

    People that display traits associated with social anxiety are more likely to sacrifice earnings to avoid social interaction.
  6. Removing resistance

    Forcing cancer cells to die may take at least two drugs attacking different targets.
  7. Stealing is the deal

    Parasites that grow within animal cells use a family of transport proteins to take nucleotides, the building blocks of DNA, from their hosts.
  8. The sperm defense

    Hermaphrodite nematode worms use their own sperm to protect themselves from the negative effects of mating with a male.