eLife Science Digests

Cutting jargon and putting research in context, digests showcase some of the latest articles published in eLife.


  1. Different partners for the same job

    In human cells, the enzymes responsible for tagging proteins for degradation can interact in different combinations to perform their roles.
  2. A close-up look at a parasite’s propeller

    High-resolution electron microscopes reveal unique structures that drive the screw-like movement of sleeping sickness parasites.
  3. Understanding ‘hidden’ hearing disorders

    New tests can help to spot a poorly detected type of hearing difficulties.
  4. The heart in the computer

    A new computer model of electrical activity in the human heart resolves inconsistencies in previous models and offers new hope for the treatment of a range of heart diseases.
  5. How TraR regulates gene expression

    Studying how the structure of RNA polymerase changes when it binds to the transcription factor TraR sheds light on how gene expression is initiated and regulated.
  6. Creating diversity in the brain

    How can one kind of stem cell give rise to all the different types of neurons in the cortex?
  7. Preventing cancer from spreading

    Therapies that target cytokine molecules may stop a number of human cancers from spreading around the body and improve outcomes for patients.
  8. How bacteria can draw flowers

    Interactions between motile and non-motile bacteria of different species give rise to flower-like patterns.