eLife Science Digests

Cutting jargon and putting research in context, digests showcase some of the latest articles published in eLife.


  1. From mother to embryo

    Proteins within the mother’s egg help the embryo to separate cells that build the placenta from cells that form the fetus.
  2. The devil may be in the copy number alterations

    A certain type of genetic changes could help predict the outcome of cancers.
  3. New insight into ER+ breast cancer

    The estrogen response of breast tumor cells is variable and not on a 90-minute cycle like previous studies suggested.
  4. Unstable synapses form stable memories

    By swapping subunits with one another, CaMKII molecules stabilize synapses and help the brain retain stored information.
  5. A new pathway to kill cancer cells

    A cell death pathway that helps to prevent the spread of microbes could also be used to treat cancer.
  6. Flexible focus

    The visual system processes the same sensory information in different ways depending on which features we pay attention to.
  7. How to fold an embryo

    A new mathematical model allows researchers to simulate key processes in early animal development.
  8. Restricting HIV infection

    A new technique helps screen the human proteins that can attack the virus which causes AIDS.