eLife Science Digests

Cutting jargon and putting research in context, digests showcase some of the latest articles published in eLife.


  1. Chemical conundrum

    Investigating how chemical tags on mRNA interact with regulatory proteins in flowering plants provides important insights into gene regulation with relevance for crop biotechnology and food production.
  2. Spreading killer genes

    Mathematical modelling reveals how killer meiotic drivers spread through populations of fission yeast with different levels of inbreeding.
  3. Scratching an itch

    A new mechanism involved in the sensation of itching has been found in mice
  4. Building muscles

    A two-step protocol for selecting reprogrammed precursor cells from muscular dystrophy patients may open new avenues for research.
  5. Can extra energy induce animals to regrow limbs?

    Supplementing different animals with nutrients that increase their energy supply while they are healing from amputation can switch on their ability to regenerate limbs.
  6. Foraging for cereals

    Food debris found on teeth and ground stone tools suggest that hunter-gatherers in the Balkans were consuming wild cereal grains before the arrival of agriculture.
  7. Inflammatory insurance

    A genetic variation that limits inflammation may boost survival in some patients with severe COVID-19, but only if they are not treated with corticosteroid drugs.
  8. Updating the brain

    A mechanism known as dendritic calcium spikes helps to rewire neural connections to alter internal spatial representation.