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  1. Legs on the move

    A new study sheds light on how motor neurons control the legs of fruit flies.
  2. The big picture of behavior

    New imaging platform reveals how dopamine coordinates different types of motor programs in C. elegans.
  3. Cutting the virus for COVID-19

    SARS-CoV-2 seems to have the same cut site as a protein in respiratory cells which may trick a host enzyme into cutting the viral spikes and allowing the virus to infect human cells.
  4. Tracing our memory of sound

    People unknowingly retain a memory of sound sequences they have rarely heard for at least seven weeks.
  5. Could seafood help counteract heart failure?

    A molecule found in seafood mimics the effects of medications for heart failure in rats, which may explain lower rates of the disease in countries with fish-rich diets.
  6. Cleaning up faulty mRNA

    High-resolution structure reveals details of how an enzyme activates the process for removing messenger RNA that contain errors.
  7. Perk up your ears

    Human ears make tiny movements indicating the direction of sounds they are listening to, suggesting that humans have retained some ability to perk up their ears the way other animals do.
  8. Creating order despite the noise

    Imaging studies of fruit fly embryos are helping to reveal how noisy systems at the molecular level can still produce consistent body patterns in animal embryos.