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  1. Power saving in the brain

    A computer model of neural networks shows that the brain can increase its energy efficiency by storing memories initially in a transient form.
  2. Critical mass needed to throw genetic switch

    Multiple transcription factors work independently to switch genes on, but these proteins group together without really working together.
  3. Hope for preventing opioid overdose

    The brain cells responsible for the breathing problems that are the major cause of death following opioid overdose have been pinpointed, which could lead to safer painkillers.
  4. How experience shapes the brain

    A family of proteins called Toll receptors, best known for their role in the immune system, also enable the brain to change its structure in response to experience.
  5. Shining light on mitochondrial function

    A new tool can deactivate the cell compartments that power the neurons of live zebrafish larvae.
  6. Raising hair

    Controlled activation of Hedgehog signaling triggers the formation of hair follicles in adult skin.
  7. Unleashing the immune system against cancer

    The SLAMF6 protein is a possible new target for immunotherapy against skin cancer.
  8. Implantable device tracks activity in a rat’s brain

    New implant puts organic electrochemical transistors into the brains of living rats to measure the release of neurotransmitters in real time.