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  1. Repairing DNA under stress

    A protein that suppresses the formation of tumors requires the protein cavin3 to fix DNA that has been damaged by stress.
  2. Malaria and pregnancy

    Reducing the prevalence of malaria may improve birth outcomes.
  3. A fail-safe switch for insulin

    Combining mathematical and biological methods reveals a new regulatory mechanism in insulin signalling.
  4. Uncovering the secrets of a brain parasite

    A unique mouse model of Toxoplasma gondii infection reveals the brain regions and subtypes of neurons targeted by the parasite.
  5. Take a BET on yeast

    A new understanding of how BET helper proteins support the process of converting DNA to mRNA in yeast could help design new targeted drugs for cancer therapy.
  6. Predicting resistance to drought

    Genetic variations in the European beech tree can be used to predict which trees are more likely to survive droughts caused by climate change.
  7. The (protein) fragments of wound infection

    Wound healing and infection can be monitored by tracking how proteins are broken down in wound fluids.
  8. Breathing life into old bones

    A new skeleton reveals how certain dinosaurs might have evolved a new breathing strategy.