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  1. Disease tracking dashboard

    A dashboard for tracking the spread of SARS-CoV-2 has helped public health officials plan and evaluate their response.
  2. One with music

    What makes neuronal activity synchronize with a tune?
  3. Swapping sulfur for selenium

    One of the iron sulfur clusters found in the enzyme complex that allows bacteria to use nitrogen from the air unexpectedly swaps its sulfur ions for selenium ions.
  4. Visualizing evolution

    A new tool lets scientists explore evolutionary relationships between species by looking for overlapping patterns in their genes.
  5. Feeding frenzy

    A new software tool could help track the feeding behaviour of roundworms to gain new insights on how this affects health, longevity and aging.
  6. Knowing when to stop

    High resolution snapshots help to understand how a protein controls the length of the hollow tubes which give cells their shapes.
  7. When computers show the way

    Protocols established to create algorithm that leverage evolutionary principles could help to direct evolution in the laboratory.
  8. Photosynthesis in far-red

    Photosystem II, the water-splitting enzyme of photosynthesis, has evolved two strategies to work in the shade using low energy far-red light.