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  1. Kickstarting promotion

    Two distinct networks control the early steps of converting DNA into mRNA to make new proteins in budding yeast.
  2. The long-term damage of sepsis

    The immune system of mice exhibits indelible ‘scars’ long after recovering from sepsis.
  3. Brain age under review

    Brain-age measurements reflect early life differences rather than changes in the brain over time.
  4. Suckers of the insect world

    The larvae of net-winged midges have spine-like structures covering their suction organs which allow them to attach to rocks in torrential streams high up in the mountains.
  5. An unlikely ally

    Nitrate reduces salivary glands damage in pigs exposed to radiation treatment for head and neck cancer.
  6. Sex-based data in the spotlight

    A review of studies in the life sciences shows that inappropriate statistical approaches may distort conclusions on sex differences.
  7. Keeping the peace

    Social animals remember disputes between groupmates, and use behavioural strategies to manage the fallout from disagreements some time after the conflict has ended.
  8. All together now

    How do individual bacteria with different behaviors spatially organize themselves so they can travel as a tight-knit group?