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Research culture

eLife recognises that reforming research communication depends on improving research culture.

eLife has an ambitious agenda to reform how research is communicated and assessed, and works to promote a research culture that centres on openness, integrity, and equity, diversity and inclusion. Supported by our Communities team, we engage closely with researchers across biology and medicine to drive this change. Updates on many of these activities can be found on our Community page.

In parallel, eLife publishes articles on research culture and equity, diversity and inclusion, and provides a platform for the research community to discuss relevant issues through personal stories, interviews, podcasts and webinars.

eLife is deeply committed to helping make research and publishing more equitable and inclusive, and we regularly report on our actions in these areas.

With the guidance of our Early-Career Advisory Group, eLife has created peer networks through the eLife Community Ambassadors program, supported researchers from underrepresented backgrounds and countries with limited funding, and increased the involvement of early-career researchers in peer review.

eLife was a founder ­– and continues to be a supporter – of the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA).