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Correction: Dual functions of a small regulatory subunit in the mitochondrial calcium uniporter complex

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Cite this article as: eLife 2017;6:e26228 doi: 10.7554/eLife.26228

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Tsai M-F, Phillips CB, Ranaghan M, Tsai C-W, Wu Y, Williams C, Miller C. 2016. Dual functions of a small regulatory subunit in the mitochondrial calcium uniporter complex. eLife 5:e15545. doi: 10.7554/eLife.15545.

Published 21, April 2016

The protein sequence of EMRE from D. melanogaster, sequence #13 in Supplementary file 1, was incorrect due to a mistaken copy-and-paste while preparing the manuscript. The correct D. melanogaster sequence is now entered in the corrected Supplementary file 1. We are grateful to J. Agapite, a curator of FlyBase, who noticed the error and reported it to the senior author.

This error did not affect any results or conclusions of the paper.

Incorrect sequence:


Corrected sequence:


The article has been corrected accordingly.

Article and author information

Author details

  1. Ming-Feng Tsai

  2. Charles B Phillips

  3. Matthew Ranaghan

  4. Chen-Wei Tsai

  5. Yujiao Wu

  6. Carole Willliams

Publication history

  1. Received: February 21, 2017
  2. Accepted: February 21, 2017
  3. Version of Record published: March 2, 2017 (version 1)


© 2017, Tsai et al.

This article is distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use and redistribution provided that the original author and source are credited.


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