Biochemistry and Chemical Biology

Biochemistry and Chemical Biology

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    Genetically engineered mesenchymal stem cells as a nitric oxide reservoir for acute kidney injury therapy

    Haoyan Huang, Meng Qian ... Zongjin Li
    Engineered mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) could produce mutant β-galactosidase and trigger nitric oxide (NO) release when the NO prodrug is systemically administered, which can achieve NO release in a precise spatiotemporal manner and augment the therapeutic efficiency of MSCs.
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    The FAM104 proteins VCF1/2 promote the nuclear localization of p97/VCP

    Maria Körner, Susanne R Meyer ... Alexander Buchberger
    The previously uncharacterized, evolutionarily conserved FAM104 proteins VCF1/2 stimulate the nuclear import of p97/VCP, with their absence causing reduced nuclear p97/VCP levels, slow growth, and hypersensitivity to pharmacological inhibition of p97/VCP.
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    Vibrio cholerae's ToxRS bile sensing system

    Nina Gubensäk, Theo Sagmeister ... Tea Pavkov-Keller
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    A tRNA modification in Mycobacterium tuberculosis facilitates optimal intracellular growth

    Francesca G Tomasi, Satoshi Kimura ... Matthew K Waldor
    Surveying Mycobacterium tuberculosis tRNA modification leads to identification of a modification promoting Mtb pathogenesis.
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    Structural rather than catalytic role for mitochondrial respiratory chain supercomplexes

    Michele Brischigliaro, Alfredo Cabrera-Orefice ... Erika Fernández-Vizarra

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