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Schematic diagram of our synthetic target site drive and split drive constructs.

(a) The synthetic target site drive constructs contain Cas9 with the germline nanos promoter and 3’UTR, a dsRed marker with a slightly recoded (*) 3xP3 promoter and P10 3’UTR, and a gRNA driven by the U6:3 promoter that targets the synthetic EGFP gene. The two homology arms include the EGFP sequence with its 3xP3 promoter and SV40 3’UTR regions. (b) The split drive contains a dsRed marker gene driven by a 3xP3 promoter together with a SV40 3’UTR, a gRNA expressed by the U6:3 promoter that targets yellow, and two homology arms for yellow. The unlinked supporting element contains Cas9 driven by the nanos promoter with a nanos 3’UTR, and an EGFP marker gene driven by a 3xP3 promoter together with a SV40 3’UTR.



Table 1
Drive performances of synthetic target site and split drives compared with the standard drives from our previous studies (Champer et al., 2017; Champer et al., 2018b).
DriveMale drive conversion efficiencyFemale drive conversion efficiencyEmbryo r2 resistance rate
EGFP site B32 ± 3%52 ± 3%88 ± 1%
EGFP site E46 ± 4%54 ± 5%91 ± 2%
EGFP site YN/A53 ± 3%80 ± 2%
cinnabar39 ± 3%54 ± 4%100 ± 0%
whiteN/A59 ± 2%77 ± 2%
Split-yellowN/A74 ± 2%74 ± 2%
yellowN/A63 ± 3%20 ± 2%

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Plasmid construction details and oligonucleotide sequences.

Supplementary file 2

Fly phenotype data and rate calculations.

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  1. Jackson Champer
  2. Joan Chung
  3. Yoo Lim Lee
  4. Chen Liu
  5. Emily Yang
  6. Zhaoxin Wen
  7. Andrew G Clark
  8. Philipp W Messer
Molecular safeguarding of CRISPR gene drive experiments
eLife 8:e41439.