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Liao L, Liu ZZ, Langbein L, Cai W, Cho E, Na J, Niu X, Jiang W, Zhong Z, Cai WL, Jagannathan G, Dulaimi E, Testa JR, Uzzo RG, Wang Y, Stark GR, Sun J, Peiper S, Xu Y, Yan Q, Yang H. 2018. Multiple tumor suppressors regulate a HIF-dependent negative feedback loop via ISGF3 in human clear cell renal cancer. eLife 7:e37925. doi: 10.7554/eLife.37925.

Published 25, October 2018

We have been recently made aware through PubPeer of a mistake in Figure 5-figure supplement 1, where the anti-HA blots from Caki-1 and Ren-01 cells over-expressing HA-HIF2α-dPA appeared to be highly similar. After careful inspection of previous documents and consulting the original uncropped data, we had indeed mistakenly duplicated the band showing the anti-HA blot from the Ren-01. The error occurred when we copied and pasted the individual western blot results to create the figure supplement. The anti-HA blot from Ren-01 cells was likely distorted and duplicated during the figure creation process and mistakenly believed to be the anti-HA blot result of Caki-1 cells.

The correction does not affect the results or the conclusions of the original paper. However, it is an avoidable and regrettable mistake. We apologize for the mistake and the confusion this may have caused.

Corrected Figure 5-figure supplement 1:

The original Figure 5—figure supplement 1 is shown here for reference:

The article has been corrected accordingly.

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  1. Lili Liao

  2. Zongzhi Z Liu

  3. Weijia Cai

  4. Eun-Ah Cho

  5. Jie Na

  6. Xiaohua Niu

  7. Wei Jiang

  8. Zhijiu Zhong

  9. Wesley L Cai

  10. Geetha Jagannathan

  11. Essel Dulaimi

  12. Joseph R Testa

  13. Robert G Uzzo

  14. Yuxin Wang

  15. George R Stark

  16. Jianxin Sun

  17. Stephen C Peiper

  18. Haifeng Yang

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  1. Lili Liao
  2. Zongzhi Z Liu
  3. Lauren Langbein
  4. Weijia Cai
  5. Eun-Ah Cho
  6. Jie Na
  7. Xiaohua Niu
  8. Wei Jiang
  9. Zhijiu Zhong
  10. Wesley L Cai
  11. Geetha Jagannathan
  12. Essel Dulaimi
  13. Joseph R Testa
  14. Robert G Uzzo
  15. Yuxin Wang
  16. George R Stark
  17. Jianxin Sun
  18. Stephen C Peiper
  19. Yaomin Xu
  20. Qin Yan
  21. Haifeng Yang
Correction: Multiple tumor suppressors regulate a HIF-dependent negative feedback loop via ISGF3 in human clear cell renal cancer
eLife 10:e69256.

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