Cancer Biology

Cancer Biology

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    Proteogenomic analysis of cancer aneuploidy and normal tissues reveals divergent modes of gene regulation across cellular pathways

    Pan Cheng, Xin Zhao ... Teresa Davoli
    RNA-level regulation of gene expression is negatively associated with protein-level regulation across cellular pathways in normal tissues and cancer.
    1. Cancer Biology
    2. Immunology and Inflammation

    Transient cell-in-cell formation underlies tumor relapse and resistance to immunotherapy

    Amit Gutwillig, Nadine Santana-Magal ... Yaron Carmi
    Tumors escape killing by the immune system through generating transient spatial cell-in-cell structures that are impenetrable to cytotoxic compounds including lytic granules and chemotherapy.
    1. Biochemistry and Chemical Biology
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    Crosstalk between AML and stromal cells triggers acetate secretion through the metabolic rewiring of stromal cells

    Nuria Vilaplana-Lopera, Vincent Cuminetti ... Paloma Garcia
    Interplay between AML and stromal cells can initiate a mechanism involving gap junctions where ROS is transferred from cancer cells to stromal cells which then produce acetate which can in return be absorbed/utilised by the cancer cells.
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    GCN2 eIF2 kinase promotes prostate cancer by maintaining amino acid homeostasis

    Ricardo A Cordova, Jagannath Misra ... Kirk A Staschke
    1. Cancer Biology

    BRCA2 BRC missense variants disrupt RAD51-dependent DNA repair

    Judit Jimenez-Sainz, Joshua Mathew ... Ryan B Jensen
    1. Cancer Biology
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    The scaffolding protein flot2 promotes cytoneme-based transport of wnt3 in gastric cancer

    Daniel Routledge, Sally Rogers ... Steffen Scholpp
    Signalling filopodia, also known as cytonemes, are a crucial transport mechanism of Wnt3 in gastric cancer and their emergence is controlled by Flot2.

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