Cancer Biology

Cancer Biology

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    Overcoming the nutritional immunity by engineering iron-scavenging bacteria for cancer therapy

    Sin-Wei Huang, See-Khai Lim ... Kurt Yun Mou
    Bacterial therapy can be impeded by nutrition deprivation in the tumor microenvironment, and enhancing bacteria resistance to iron sequestration enhances its antitumoral activity for therapeutic purposes.
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    Exosomes: How tumors escape the immune system

    Stefanie Schmieder
    Mutations in the gene for β-catenin cause liver cancer cells to release fewer exosomes, which reduces the number of immune cells infiltrating the tumor.
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    1. Cancer Biology

    Identification of a Musashi2 translocation as a novel oncogene in myeloid leukemia

    Kyle Spinler, Michael Hamilton ... Tannishtha Reya
    1. Cancer Biology

    Inhibition of ULK1/2 and KRASG12C controls tumor growth in preclinical models of lung cancer

    Phaedra C. Ghazi, Kayla T. O’Toole ... Martin McMahon
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    2. Cell Biology

    mTORC1/S6K1 signaling promotes sustained oncogenic translation through modulating CRL3IBTK-mediated ubiquitination of eIF4A1 in cancer cells

    Dongyue Jiao, Huiru Sun ... Kun Gao
    Overexpression of inhibitor of Bruton's tyrosine kinase contributes to the process of tumorigenesis by amplifying translation, represents a promising target for anti-cancer therapies.
    1. Cancer Biology

    Replication of null results: Absence of evidence or evidence of absence?

    Samuel Pawel, Rachel Heyard ... Leonhard Held
    Equivalence testing and Bayes factors are informative statistical methods for analyzing replication studies of original studies with null results, and can address the limitations of the commonly used non-significance criterion.
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    High-density sampling reveals volume growth in human tumours

    Arman Angaji, Michel Owusu ... Johannes Berg
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    2. Cell Biology

    CYRI-B mediated macropinocytosis drives metastasis via lysophosphatidic acid receptor uptake

    Savvas Nikolaou, Amelie Juin ... Laura M Machesky
    1. Cancer Biology

    Metabolite profiling of human renal cell carcinoma reveals tissue-origin dominance in nutrient availability

    Keene L. Abbott, Ahmed Ali ... Matthew G. Vander Heiden

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