Cancer Biology

Cancer Biology

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    Transferred mitochondria accumulate reactive oxygen species, promoting proliferation

    Chelsea U Kidwell, Joseph R Casalini ... Minna Roh-Johnson
    Transferred mitochondria do not always regulate cell behavior by simply restoring mitochondrial function, but rather, transferred mitochondria are dysfunctional, initiating downstream signaling and proliferation in response to reactive oxygen species.
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    Interrogating the precancerous evolution of pathway dysfunction in lung squamous cell carcinoma using XTABLE

    Matthew Roberts, Julia Ogden ... Carlos Lopez-Garcia
    XTABLE is the first easy-to-use bioinformatic solution that has been conceived and designed solely to interrogate the transcriptomes of premalignant stages of lung squamous cell carcinoma (LUSC) and enhance the development of LUSC prevention and detection strategies.
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    Multi-targeted therapy resistance via drug-induced secretome fucosylation

    Mark Borris D Aldonza, Junghwa Cha ... Yoosik Kim
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    A survey of open questions in adaptive therapy: Bridging mathematics and clinical translation

    Jeffrey West, Fred Adler ... Alexander RA Anderson
    Open questions of cancer adaptive therapy are discussed through the lens of mathematical modeling, categorized into three sections, (1) integrating appropriate components into mathematical models, (2) dosing protocol design and validation, and (3) challenges and opportunities in clinical translation.
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    Purinergic GPCR-integrin interactions drive pancreatic cancer cell invasion

    Elena Tomas Bort, Megan Daisy Joseph ... Richard Philip Grose
    1. Cancer Biology

    Osteosarcoma-enriched transcripts paradoxically generate osteosarcoma-suppressing extracellular proteins

    Kexin Li, Qingji Huo ... Hiroki Yokota
    The anti-tumor action of engineered mesenchymal stem cells highlights the double-edged role of oncoproteins in osteosarcoma, and suggests the possibility of developing a novel strategy for protein-based cancer therapy.
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    Mitochondrial redox adaptations enable alternative aspartate synthesis in SDH-deficient cells

    Madeleine L Hart, Evan Quon ... Lucas B Sullivan
    SDH-null cancer cells decrease mitochondrial complex I to drive rewired aspartate synthesis through reductive carboxylation and pyruvate carboxylase, supporting cell proliferation and tumor growth.
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    Kindlin-1 regulates IL-6 secretion and modulates the immune environment in breast cancer models

    Emily R Webb, Georgia L Dodd ... Valerie G Brunton
    New roles in anti-tumour immunity for the adhesion protein Kindlin-1 via regulation of cytokine secretion and T cell regulation.
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    Mesenchymal stem cell suppresses the efficacy of CAR-T toward killing lymphoma cells by modulating the microenvironment through stanniocalcin-1

    Rui Zhang, Qingxi Liu ... Wenjian Ma
    The stanniocalcin-1-dependent immunosuppressive roles of mesenchymal stem cell on chimeric antigen receptor modified T cell therapy.

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