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Cancer Biology

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    Single-cell transcriptomics identifies Keap1-Nrf2 regulated collective invasion in a Drosophila tumor model

    Deeptiman Chatterjee, Caique Almeida Machado Costa ... Wu-Min Deng
    Comprehensive transcriptomic analyses describe the underlying tumorigenic gene expression state in the invasive Drosophila follicle cells following the loss of epithelial cell polarity and identify a non-canonical role of Keap1-Nrf2 signaling in regulating collective cell invasion.
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    Non-coding RNAs in drug and radiation resistance of bone and soft-tissue sarcoma: a systematic review

    Huan-Huan Chen, Tie-Ning Zhang ... Tao Zhang
    Non-coding RNAs appear to be good candidates as biomarkers for predicting treatment response and therapeutics for sarcoma, their differential expression across tissues complicates their application.
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    Global hypo-methylation in a proportion of glioblastoma enriched for an astrocytic signature is associated with increased invasion and altered immune landscape

    James Boot, Gabriel Rosser ... Silvia Marino
    A proportion of glioblastoma with global hypo-methylation are enriched for an astrocytic signature and display increased invasion and altered immune landscape.
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    Revised International Staging System (R-ISS) stage-dependent analysis uncovers oncogenes and potential immunotherapeutic targets in multiple myeloma (MM)

    Ling Zhong, Peng Hao ... Bo Gong
    Among multiple myeloma stratified by Revised International Staging System, single-cell transcriptome atlas reveals novel heterogeneities with NKG7+ cytotoxic plasma cells (PCs) enriched in stage II, RRM2+ high proliferative PCs enriched in stage III, and MKI67 up-regulated in EBV-positive patients.
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    Alternative splicing downstream of EMT enhances phenotypic plasticity and malignant behavior in colon cancer

    Tong Xu, Mathijs Verhagen ... Riccardo Fodde
    The identification of alternative splicing targets and upstream RNA-binding proteins that underlie EMT and metastasis in colon cancer stratifies patients according to their overall survival and provide new insights on the function of specific isoforms along the migrating cancer stem cell sequence.
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    The CIC-ERF co-deletion underlies fusion-independent activation of ETS family member, ETV1, to drive prostate cancer progression

    Nehal Gupta, Hanbing Song ... Ross A Okimoto
    Mutual suppression of ETV1 by Capicua (CIC) and ETS2 repressor factor (ERF) limits prostate cancer progression.
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    Gene Interactions: Developing a taxonomy for colorectal cancer

    Jiansong Fang, Dawei Wang, Xiude Fan
    Analyzing how gene interaction networks are perturbed in individuals can help identify different types of colorectal cancers, paving the way towards personalized care.
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    Therapeutic resistance in acute myeloid leukemia cells is mediated by a novel ATM/mTOR pathway regulating oxidative phosphorylation

    Hae J Park, Mark A Gregory ... James DeGregori
    Cellular and molecular analyses of human AML cells reveal a novel pathway activated by the bone marrow microenvironment that confers resistance to FLT3 inhibition and can be exploited to improve the efficacy of FLT3 inhibitor therapy for AML.

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