Chromosomes and Gene Expression

Chromosomes and Gene Expression

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    1. Chromosomes and Gene Expression
    2. Immunology and Inflammation

    SRSF6 balances mitochondrial-driven innate immune outcomes through alternative splicing of BAX

    Allison R Wagner, Chi G Weindel ... Kristin L Patrick
    The splicing factor SRSF6 helps regulate antiviral immunity and mitochondrial membrane integrity by balancing the abundance of two alternatively spliced isoforms of the apoptotic protein BAX.
    1. Chromosomes and Gene Expression
    2. Genetics and Genomics

    Drosophila SUMM4 complex couples insulator function and DNA replication control

    Evgeniya N Andreyeva, Alexander V Emelyanov ... Dmitry V Fyodorov
    1. Chromosomes and Gene Expression
    2. Structural Biology and Molecular Biophysics

    Mechanisms governing target search and binding dynamics of hypoxia-inducible factors

    Yu Chen, Claudia Cattoglio ... Xavier Darzacq
    Live-cell single particle tracking reveals the intrinsically disordered regions of transcription factors playing an unanticipated role in the nuclear search and chromatin binding process leading to functional target site selectivity and gene activation.
    1. Chromosomes and Gene Expression

    Mcm2 promotes stem cell differentiation via its ability to bind H3-H4

    Xiaowei Xu, Xu Hua ... Zhiguo Zhang
    Mcm2 promotes mouse embryonic stem cells differentiation through manipulating chromatin landscapes at bivalent chromatin domains.
    1. Chromosomes and Gene Expression

    KAT2-mediated acetylation switches the mode of PALB2 chromatin association to safeguard genome integrity

    Marjorie Fournier, Amélie Rodrigue ... Fumiko Esashi
    The lysine acetyltransferases KAT2A and KAT2B regulate the dynamic chromatin association of the tumour suppressor protein PALB2, protecting active genes and promoting DNA damage repair in a context-dependent manner.
    1. Chromosomes and Gene Expression
    2. Genetics and Genomics

    Characterization of sequence determinants of enhancer function using natural genetic variation

    Marty G Yang, Emi Ling ... Thomas Vierbuchen
    Large-scale, allele-resolved mapping of cis-regulatory function in F1-hybrid mice reveals sequence determinants that control transcription factor binding and enhancer activity in native chromatin context.

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