Chromosomes and Gene Expression

Chromosomes and Gene Expression

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    1. Chromosomes and Gene Expression

    Identification of epigenetic modulators as determinants of nuclear size and shape

    Andria C Schibler, Predrag Jevtic ... Tom Misteli
    Chromatin modifiers shape nuclear morphology.
    1. Chromosomes and Gene Expression
    2. Neuroscience

    Neural circuit-wide analysis of changes to gene expression during deafening-induced birdsong destabilization

    Bradley M Colquitt, Kelly Li ... Michael S Brainard
    Large-scale gene expression analysis of the songbird brain identifies the molecular and cellular features of vocal motor circuits that are altered by the loss of hearing.
    1. Chromosomes and Gene Expression

    Gene Expression: Listen and learn

    Sarah E London
    In songbirds, deafening leads to changes in gene expression which have now been mapped at the single-cell level across the neural circuit involved in song production.
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    1. Cell Biology
    2. Chromosomes and Gene Expression

    Cohesin-independent STAG proteins interact with RNA and R-loops and promote complex loading

    Hayley Porter, Yang Li ... Suzana Hadjur
    STAG proteins function independently of core cohesin at R-loops to facilitate cohesin loading.
    1. Chromosomes and Gene Expression
    2. Genetics and Genomics

    Mouse B2 SINE elements function as IFN-inducible enhancers

    Isabella Horton, Conor J Kelly ... Edward B Chuong
    An epigenomic analysis in mouse macrophages reveals that a highly abundant transposable element exhibits activity as an immune inducible regulatory element.
    1. Biochemistry and Chemical Biology
    2. Chromosomes and Gene Expression

    An acetylation-mediated chromatin switch governs H3K4 methylation read-write capability

    Kanishk Jain, Matthew R Marunde ... Brian D Strahl
    MLL1-mediated H3K4 methylation is directly enhanced by cis-tail H3 acetylation, as shown through both in vitro and in vivo experiments.
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