Chromosomes and Gene Expression

Chromosomes and Gene Expression

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    1. Chromosomes and Gene Expression

    Control of meiotic entry by dual inhibition of a key mitotic transcription factor

    Elçin Ünal, Amanda J Su, Siri C Yendluri
    Investigation of how cells rewire their transcriptional programs during transition from mitotic to meiotic cell fate reveals a two-pronged mechanism for inactivating a key mitotic transcription factor.
    1. Chromosomes and Gene Expression

    DNA methylation-environment interactions in the human genome

    Rachel A Johnston, Katherine A Aracena ... Jenny Tung
    A massively parallel reporter assay, mSTARR-seq, reveals widespread DNA methylation-environment interactions across the genome, prioritizing CpG sites identified in epigenome-wide association studies that may be most relevant to biological embedding.
    1. Chromosomes and Gene Expression

    Translation: It’s a competitive business

    Masaaki Sokabe, Christopher S Fraser
    A new in vitro system called Rec-Seq sheds light on how mRNA molecules compete for the machinery that translates their genetic sequence into proteins.
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    1. Cell Biology
    2. Chromosomes and Gene Expression

    A TOPBP1 allele causing male infertility uncouples XY silencing dynamics from sex body formation

    Carolline Ascenção, Jennie R Sims ... Marcus B Smolka
    A Topbp1 mutant mouse reveals a non-canonical role for the ATR-TOPBP1 signaling axis in meiosis, separating ATR signaling and meiotic sex chromosome inactivation from sex body formation.
    1. Chromosomes and Gene Expression
    2. Structural Biology and Molecular Biophysics

    Nucleosome conformation dictates the histone code

    Matthew R Marunde, Harrison A Fuchs ... Catherine A Musselman
    NMR spectroscopy, dCypher assays, and CUT&RUN demonstrate that occlusion of the histone tails in the nucleosome context alters histone PTM specificity for a tandem of reader domains.
    1. Chromosomes and Gene Expression
    2. Evolutionary Biology

    Tempo and mode of gene expression evolution in the brain across primates

    Katherine Rickelton, Trisha M Zintel ... Courtney C Babbitt
    Larger phylogenetic context is required to understand human and nonhuman primate brain evolution.

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