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Adlaf EW, Vaden RJ, Niver AJ, Manuel AF, Onyilo VC, Araujo MT, Dieni CV, Vo HT, King GD, Wadiche JI, Overstreet-Wadiche L. 2017. Adult-born neurons modify excitatory synaptic transmission to existing neurons. eLife 6:e19886. doi: 10.7554/eLife.19886.

Published 30 January 2017

In the original article, there was an error in the Jackson Laboratory strain number specifying the Pomc-Cre mice used for experiments. In the methods section, it was incorrectly printed as Strain #005965 where it should have been Strain #010714. The authors apologize for this error that resulted from the availability of multiple lines of Pomc-Cre mice. This correction does not change the scientific conclusions.

The article has been corrected accordingly.

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  1. Elena W Adlaf

  2. Anastasia J Niver

  3. Allison F Manuel

  4. Vincent C Onyilo

  5. Matheus T Araujo

  6. Cristina V Dieni

  7. Hai T Vo

  8. Gwendalyn D King

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  1. Version of Record published: September 8, 2022 (version 1)


© 2022, Adlaf et al.

This article is distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use and redistribution provided that the original author and source are credited.


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  1. Elena W Adlaf
  2. Ryan J Vaden
  3. Anastasia J Niver
  4. Allison F Manuel
  5. Vincent C Onyilo
  6. Matheus T Araujo
  7. Cristina V Dieni
  8. Hai T Vo
  9. Gwendalyn D King
  10. Jacques I Wadiche
  11. Linda Overstreet-Wadiche
Correction: Adult-born neurons modify excitatory synaptic transmission to existing neurons
eLife 11:e83258.

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