Developmental Biology

Developmental Biology

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    2. Immunology and Inflammation

    Resident and recruited macrophages differentially contribute to cardiac healing after myocardial ischemia

    Tobias Weinberger, Messerer Denise ... Christian Schulz
    In cardiac ischemia/reperfusion injury, resident macrophages orchestrate the immune response and positively influence postinfarct remodeling, whereas recruited macrophages determine infarct size.
    1. Cell Biology
    2. Developmental Biology

    Aging impairs cold-induced beige adipogenesis and adipocyte metabolic reprogramming

    Corey D Holman, Alexander P Sakers ... Patrick Seale
    Single-cell expression profiling and genetic lineage analysis show that aging impairs adipocyte differentiation from precursor cells and blocks the thermogenic activation of adipocytes during cold exposure.
    1. Developmental Biology

    Single-nucleus multiomics reveals the gene-regulatory networks underlying sex determination of murine primordial germ cells

    Adriana K. Alexander, Karina F. Rodriguez ... Humphrey Hung-Chang Yao
    1. Developmental Biology
    2. Medicine

    The conserved genetic program of male germ cells uncovers ancient regulators of human spermatogenesis

    Rion Brattig Correia, Joana M. Almeida ... Paulo Navarro-Costa
    1. Developmental Biology

    The Alk receptor tyrosine kinase regulates Sparkly, a novel activity regulating neuropeptide precursor in the Drosophila CNS

    Sanjay Kumar Sukumar, Vimala Antonydhason ... Ruth H. Palmer
    1. Cell Biology
    2. Developmental Biology

    Rediscovering the Rete Ovarii: a secreting auxiliary structure to the ovary

    Dilara N. Anbarci, Jennifer McKey ... Blanche Capel
    1. Developmental Biology
    2. Neuroscience

    Semaphorin7A patterns neural circuitry in the lateral line of the zebrafish

    Agnik Dasgupta, Caleb C. Reagor ... A. J. Hudspeth


    1. Developmental Biology
    2. Evolutionary Biology

    Natural History of Model Organisms: E. coqui

    Sarah E Westrick, Mara Laslo, Eva K Fischer
    1. Cell Biology
    2. Developmental Biology

    Imaging methods are vastly underreported

    Guillermo Marqués, Thomas Pengo, Mark A Sanders

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