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Abdel-Haq R, Schlachetzki JCM, Boktor JC, Cantu-Jungles TM, Thron T, Zhang M, Bostick JW, Khazaei T, Chilakala S, Morais LH, Humphrey G, Keshavarzian A, Katz JE, Thomson M, Knight R, Gradinaru V, Hamaker BR, Glass CK, Mazmanian SK. 2022. A prebiotic diet modulates microglial states and motor deficits in α-synuclein overexpressing mice. eLife 11:e81453. doi: 10.7554/eLife.81453.

Published 8 November 2022

In the original version of this paper, the plot for the adhesive removal test in Figure 1–figure supplement 2 panel D was mistakenly duplicated in panel A (beam traversal -- time to cross). This error occurred during figure preparation for submission. The associated source data, text, and remainder of the Figure are correct, and the interpretation of the results are unaffected.

The corrected Figure 1–figure supplement 2 is shown here, with panel A being updated:

The originally published Figure 1–figure supplement 2 is shown for reference:

The article has been corrected accordingly.

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  1. Johannes CM Schlachetzki

  2. Joseph C Boktor

  3. Thaisa M Cantu-Jungles

  4. Taren Thron

  5. Mengying Zhang

  6. John W Bostick

  7. Tahmineh Khazaei

  8. Sujatha Chilakala

  9. Greg Humphrey

  10. Jonathan E Katz

  11. Matthew Thomson

  12. Rob Knight

  13. Bruce R Hamaker

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  1. Version of Record published: August 31, 2023 (version 1)


© 2023, Abdel-Haq et al.

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  1. Reem Abdel-Haq
  2. Johannes CM Schlachetzki
  3. Joseph C Boktor
  4. Thaisa M Cantu-Jungles
  5. Taren Thron
  6. Mengying Zhang
  7. John W Bostick
  8. Tahmineh Khazaei
  9. Sujatha Chilakala
  10. Livia H Morais
  11. Greg Humphrey
  12. Ali Keshavarzian
  13. Jonathan E Katz
  14. Matthew Thomson
  15. Rob Knight
  16. Viviana Gradinaru
  17. Bruce R Hamaker
  18. Christopher K Glass
  19. Sarkis K Mazmanian
Correction: A prebiotic diet modulates microglial states and motor deficits in α-synuclein overexpressing mice
eLife 12:e92367.

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