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Peter A Rodgers

Peer Review

A series of articles exploring how journals, funding agencies and universities review papers, grant applications and people.
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  1. Peer Review: Decisions, decisions

    Peter Rodgers
    Journals are exploring new approaches to peer review in order to reduce bias, increase transparency and respond to author preferences.
  2. Peer Review: Consultative review is worth the wait

    Stuart RF King
    Editors, reviewers and authors share their experiences of consultative peer review at eLife.
  3. Peer Review: Searching for the one

    Helga Groll
    The views of peers are important when applying for a faculty position, but so are research plans and being a good 'fit'.
  4. Peer Review: To fund or not to fund?

    Sarah Shailes
    Funding agencies use many different criteria and peer review strategies to assess grant proposals.
  5. Peer Review: Rooting out bias

    Bridget M Kuehn
    Tackling unconscious bias is a major challenge for journals and the rest of the scientific community.


  1. Peer Review: Implementing a "publish, then review" model of publishing

    Michael B Eisen, Anna Akhmanova ... Mone Zaidi
  2. Meta-Research: Journal policies and editors’ opinions on peer review

    Daniel G Hamilton, Hannah Fraser ... Fiona Fidler
  3. Meta-Research: Large-scale language analysis of peer review reports

    Ivan Buljan, Daniel Garcia-Costa ... Ana Marušić
  4. Research: Gender bias in scholarly peer review

    Markus Helmer, Manuel Schottdorf ... Demian Battaglia
  5. Scientific Publishing: A new twist on peer review

    Mark Patterson, Randy Schekman
  6. Peer Review: The pleasure of publishing

    Vivek Malhotra, Eve Marder
  7. Scientific Publishing: The eLife approach to peer review

    Randy Schekman, Fiona Watt, Detlef Weigel


  1. Peter A Rodgers
    Features Editor, eLife, United Kingdom