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Mental Health in Academia

How can the scientific community support researchers with mental health issues?
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Concerns about mental health in the research community have been growing in recent years. This series of articles explores avenues for change and gives a voice to those on the front lines such as PIs, early-career researchers and non-academic staff.


  1. Mental Health in Academia: A question of support

    Elsa Loissel
    Who helps junior researchers that go through difficult times?
  2. A scientist in a lab. Image credit: Public domain

    Mental Health in Academia: “No one likes to see friends suffering”

    A postdoctoral researcher discusses how past experiences shaped the daily support they provide in the lab.
  3. A group of people standing together. Image credit: Public domain

    Mental Health in Academia: “I'm sure that sometimes I miss the signs”

    A lab manager discusses how to support lab members, especially during fieldwork.
  4. Kate Jones and Maizy Jenner. Image credit: Kate Jones

    Mental Health in Academia: The unseen role of technicians

    Both undergraduate and postgraduate students with mental health issues often turn to technicians for wellbeing support.
  5. Mental Health in Academia: Get online to support wellbeing of graduate students

    Liesl A Krause, Susanna L Harris
    Universities should use online resources to help graduate students who are struggling with their mental health to access appropriate support.
  6. Mental Health in Academia: What about faculty?

    Hilal A Lashuel
    After two heart attacks in three years, an associate professor discusses the challenges of faculty life.
  7. Photograph of Wendy Marie Ingram

    Mental Health in Academia: How to enact change

    Postdoctoral fellow and activist Wendy Marie Ingram explains how she trains, educates and works with students and faculty to improve academic mental health.
  8. COVID-19 and the Research Community: The challenges of lockdown for early-career researchers

    Nicola Byrom
    Thousands of UK doctoral students and early-career researchers shared the repercussions of lockdown on their work and wellbeing.
  9. COVID-19 and the Research Community: Being vulnerable

    Jasper Elan Hunt
    Early-career researchers feel discouraged from exposing vulnerability even during a global crisis.


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