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Equity, diversity and inclusion

eLife champions a fairer and more inclusive culture for research and publishing.

The values of equity, diversity and inclusion are at the bedrock of our mission to bring about real change in how research is communicated and assessed. And we are not just advocating for change; we are driving it.

Our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Framework ensures these values are considered throughout the work that we do, helping us to promote more inclusive cultures within research and publishing. This framework focuses our efforts on four key areas:

Supporting inclusive and empowered communities

We aim to build teams that reflect the diversity of our communities. Our commitment embraces all facets of diversity, including but not limited to: age, culture, disability, gender, geography, neurodiversity, race, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background as well as their intersections.

Upholding a Code of Conduct, we foster an inclusive environment for eLife staff and community members, ensuring everyone can be themselves, be heard and be valued.

Addressing biases in peer review

Striving for greater fairness in peer review is core to our mission. Recognising that biases can unintentionally influence decisions, we are actively working towards delivering a rigorous, unbiased review process that is fairer to authors, editors and reviewers.

Encouraging inclusive and equitable research

We promote research in biology and medicine that is fair and inclusive in its design, practice, communication and application. By advocating greater inclusivity in research, we seek to ensure that vital research questions affecting traditionally underserved communities receive due attention, contributing to a more robust and representative scientific landscape.

Underpinning action with equitable infrastructure

We prioritise openness and accessibility when selecting the systems and technologies that enable eLife initiatives. This includes the open-source platforms that we're developing to support the display, review, organisation, dissemination and curation of research content online.

We are transparent in our efforts, and honest about our successes and where we’re falling short, via regular reports on our plans and progress: