For Authors: What makes eLife different

A consultative peer-review process is just one of the reasons researchers choose to publish with eLife.
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As a leading open-access journal, eLife publishes research from across all the life and biomedical sciences. We have an extensive network of editors and reviewers based in institutions all over the world and, since launching the journal in 2012, have published more than 5,000 articles across 18 major subject areas.

There are many things that make eLife different. Here are just some of the reasons scientists are choosing eLife for their best work:

Consultative peer review limits revisions

Our goal is to make peer review constructive and collaborative. Initial decisions are delivered quickly and revision requests are consolidated following an open, internal consultation among reviewers. This process differs from other peer-review processes, where reviewers make their suggestions in isolation and, as an author, you can be faced with conflicting feedback. By giving you a consolidated view, we aim to limit the rounds of revisions and help you publish your work faster. An eLife author shared her experiences of the process in our short video.

Working scientists make all editorial decisions

Based all over the world, our editors are responsible for maintaining the high quality and broad scope of the work published in the eLife journal. Senior Editors decide, in consultation with members of the Board of Reviewing Editors (BRE), whether a paper should be sent for peer review. Our BREs then recruit reviewers and, once their reviews are in, manage the consultation and finalise the decision. Throughout the process, your work is always in the hands of colleagues active in your field.

Research is published openly, without delay

By choosing to publish with eLife, colleagues in your field have free and open access to your results. Our publish-on-accept option means you can start sharing your article as soon as it’s accepted. We also support the use of preprints and offer authors the option to submit their manuscript to bioRxiv whilst submitting to eLife. Free and open access to the outcomes of research helps make achievements more visible, accessible and usable – ultimately accelerating discoveries and their applications.

You can publish in a format that fits

We are committed to finding new ways of getting important, original research into scientists’ hands as quickly as possible and in a format appropriate to the findings. Alongside Research Articles, we also offer formats such as Tools and Resources, Short Reports and Research Advances. You can find out more about these formats and whether they might be a good fit here.

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