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  1. Executable Research Articles: a live session to explain a multifaceted experience

    Watch the recording of eLife and Stencila live demo session at Open Publishing Fest on Executable Research Articles.
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    The story of Nextflow: Building a modern pipeline orchestrator

    An in-depth insight, and learning opportunity, about the importance of data-driven computational pipelines for orchestrating scientific workflows.
  3. eLife authors relay their experiences with Executable Research Articles

    Pioneering the new open publishing format, eLife authors share their feedback on what it’s like to enrich their papers through ERA.
  4. tidyqpcr: quantitative PCR analysis in the tidyverse

    Building on the ever-expanding tidyverse collection, a look into a new series of R scripts for qPCR analysis.
  5. Hands gesturing in front of a laptop with woman in the backgroun

    eLife Innovation Sprint 2021: Applications are now open

    We welcome applicants that want to make an impact on our selection of projects at our Sprint 2021 event.
  6. city map at night

    Rebuilding foundations: Making Open Knowledge Maps future-proof

    How the Open Knowledge Maps team tackled technical debt, while building the foundations for new promising features.
  7. PREreview logo

    PREreview: Applying an equity lens to tool design and implementation

    PREreview guides us through its Equity, Diversity and Inclusion journey to create best practices in knowledge evaluation in academia.
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    Innovation Sprint 2021: The iteration of good practices

    Call for projects opens today for an online event on October 4th–5th.