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  1. Outbreak, a micropublishing journal for collaborative COVID-19 research

    How crowdsources science for all researchers.
  2. eLife Innovation Initiative: a community-driven approach promoting open-source innovation

    We explain how we work with our community to bring open source to open science.
  3. Open-source Community Call: Covid-19 open projects updates

    Watch the recording of our discussion about the recent efforts by the open-source community to review and map preprints throughout the pandemic.
  4. Announcing the next phase of Executable Research Articles

    eLife and Stencila renew their partnership to make Executable Research Articles accessible to even more researchers and publishers.
  5. ScienceBeam: Using open technology to extract knowledge from research PDFs

    We report on our progress towards an open-source machine learning solution for the automatic extraction of semantically structured data from research PDFs.
  6. Innovation Sprint 2020: Project roundup

    We showcase the variety of projects developed during this year’s Innovation Sprint.
  7. numbers around a globe

    Welcome to a new ERA of reproducible publishing

    New open-source technology lets eLife authors publish Executable Research Articles that treat live code and data as first-class citizens.
  8. electrophysiological signals

    Python for the practicing neuroscientist: an online educational resource

    Learn to analyze neural data using Python with this interactive, case study-based approach