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  1. Thomas Sebastian Benedikt Schmidt
  2. Matthew Robert Hayward
  3. Luis Pedro Coelho
  4. Simone S Li
  5. Paul Igor Costea
  6. Anita Yvonne Voigt
  7. Jakob Wirbel
  8. Oleksandr M Maistrenko
  9. Renato JC Alves
  10. Emma Bergsten
  11. Carine de Beaufort
  12. Iradj Sobhani
  13. Anna Heintz-Buschart
  14. Shinichi Sunagawa
  15. Georg Zeller
  16. Paul Wilmes
  17. Peer Bork
Extensive transmission of microbes along the gastrointestinal tract
eLife 8:e42693.