Computational and Systems Biology

Computational and Systems Biology

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    1. Cell Biology
    2. Computational and Systems Biology

    circHIPK3 nucleates IGF2BP2 and functions as a competing endogenous RNA

    Trine Line Hauge Okholm, Andreas Bjerregaard Kamstrup ... Christian Kroun Damgaard
    1. Computational and Systems Biology

    Phantasus, a web-application for visual and interactive gene expression analysis

    Maksim Kleverov, Daria Zenkova ... Alexey A Sergushichev
    1. Computational and Systems Biology
    2. Evolutionary Biology

    CoCoNuTs are a diverse subclass of Type IV restriction systems predicted to target RNA

    Ryan T Bell, Harutyun Sahakyan ... Eugene V Koonin
    Bacterial Type IV restriction-modification systems display remarkable, previously unnoticed diversity of complex gene and domain architectures, and are predicted to couple antiphage immunity with the abortive infection form of defense.
    1. Computational and Systems Biology
    2. Physics of Living Systems

    Light-driven synchronization of optogenetic clocks

    Maria Cristina Cannarsa, Filippo Liguori ... Roberto Di Leonardo
    1. Computational and Systems Biology

    Improved clinical data imputation via classical and quantum determinantal point processes

    Skander Kazdaghli, Iordanis Kerenidis ... Philip Teare
    A new data imputation method that can be implemented quantumly allows for better and more reliable classifications.

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