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Research Articles published by eLife are full-length studies that present important breakthroughs across the life sciences and biomedicine. There is no maximum length and no limits on the number of display items.

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    1. Ecology

    Boosting biodiversity monitoring using smartphone-driven, rapidly accumulating community-sourced data

    Keisuke Atsumi, Yuusuke Nishida ... Shogoro Fujiki
    Integrating an innovative community science platform with statistical modelling advances biodiversity monitoring and improves species habitat estimation across diverse taxa, supporting more effective conservation strategies.
    1. Neuroscience

    Stochastic characterization of navigation strategies in an automated variant of the Barnes maze

    Ju-Young Lee, Dahee Jung, Sebastien Royer
    A set of stochastic processes reproduces the mouse exploration patterns in an automated variant of the Barnes maze.
    1. Cell Biology

    Novel autophagy inducers by accelerating lysosomal clustering against Parkinson's disease

    Yuki Date, Yukiko Sasazawa ... Shinji Saiki
    1. Cell Biology

    Statin-mediated reduction in mitochondrial cholesterol primes an anti-inflammatory response in macrophages by upregulating Jmjd3

    Zeina Salloum, Kristin Dauner ... Xiaohui Zha
    Genetic and biochemical analysis reveals that the anti-inflammatory effect of statins is due to decreasing cholesterol in macrophages and upregulating Jmjd3 to achieve the anti-inflammatory action.
    1. Chromosomes and Gene Expression

    Transcriptional immune suppression and up-regulation of double-stranded DNA damage and repair repertoires in ecDNA-containing tumors

    Miin S Lin, Se-Young Jo ... Vineet Bafna
    Extrachromosomal DNA containing tumors up-regulate DNA damage and repair, cell cycle control, and mitotic processes, but down-regulate global immune regulation pathways, suggesting new avenues for therapeutic intervention.
    1. Plant Biology

    Distinct effects of phyllosphere and rhizosphere microbes on invader Ageratina adenophora during its early life stages

    Zhao-Ying Zeng, Jun-Rong Huang ... Han-Bo Zhang
    An inoculation experiment shows phyllosphere microbiome plays an important role in invader Ageratina adenophora population establishment by killing seedlings at very early growth stage.
    1. Medicine

    Senescence of endplate osteoclasts induces sensory innervation and spinal pain

    Dayu Pan, Kheiria Gamal Benkato ... Xu Cao
    Depleting senescent osteoclasts using the senolytic drug Navitoclax (ABT263) can reduce sensory innervation in the endplate and attenuate low back pain, thus representing a potent therapy for treating spinal pain.
    1. Computational and Systems Biology
    2. Epidemiology and Global Health

    Reliance on self-reports and estimated food composition data in nutrition research introduces significant bias that can only be addressed with biomarkers

    Javier I Ottaviani, Virag Sagi-Kiss ... Gunter GC Kuhnle
    The reliance on food composition databases for the assessment of dietary intake is unreliable and results in a large bias when investigating the associations between diet and disease risk.
    1. Cancer Biology
    2. Computational and Systems Biology

    Optimal transport for automatic alignment of untargeted metabolomic data

    Marie Breeur, George Stepaniants ... Vivian Viallon
    A computational method based on optimal transport enables state-of-the-art alignment between untargeted metabolomic studies and is evaluated on cord blood and cancer datasets.
    1. Cancer Biology
    2. Cell Biology

    SOD1 is a synthetic-lethal target in PPM1D-mutant leukemia cells

    Linda Zhang, Joanne I Hsu ... Margaret A Goodell
    PPM1D-mutant leukemia cells exhibit a dysregulated redox landscape, a diminished response to oxidative stress, and rely on SOD1 for their survival.