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Research Articles published by eLife are full-length studies that present important breakthroughs across the life sciences and biomedicine. There is no maximum length and no limits on the number of display items.

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    1. Microbiology and Infectious Disease
    2. Structural Biology and Molecular Biophysics

    Secreted dengue virus NS1 from infection is predominantly dimeric and in complex with high-density lipoprotein

    Bing Liang Alvin Chew, AN Qi Ngoh ... Dahai Luo
    Molecular architecture of the secreted NS1 dimer from dengue virus infection in complex with a high density lipoprotein particle.
    1. Microbiology and Infectious Disease

    A chemically induced attenuated strain of Candida albicans generates robust protective immune responses and prevents systemic candidiasis development

    Swagata Bose, Satya Ranjan Sahu ... Narottam Acharya
    A detailed characterizations of EDTA-treated Candida albicans cells both in vitro and pre-clinical models led to discovery of a potential live whole-cell vaccine against fungal infections.
    1. Computational and Systems Biology
    2. Genetics and Genomics

    Spotless, a reproducible pipeline for benchmarking cell type deconvolution in spatial transcriptomics

    Chananchida Sang-aram, Robin Browaeys ... Yvan Saeys
    Estimating cell type composition from a gene expression mixture remains a challenging task, as evidenced by how a simple regression model outperforms many state-of-the-art spatial deconvolution methods.
    1. Genetics and Genomics
    2. Neuroscience

    Biobank-wide association scan identifies risk factors for late-onset Alzheimer’s disease and endophenotypes

    Donghui Yan, Bowen Hu ... Qiongshi Lu
    BADGERS, as a new powerful method for conducting polygenic score-based biobank-wide association scans, identified 48 significant associations for AD and 41 significant associations for a variety of AD endophenotypes.
    1. Biochemistry and Chemical Biology
    2. Evolutionary Biology

    A mitochondrial carrier transports glycolytic intermediates to link cytosolic and mitochondrial glycolysis in the human gut parasite Blastocystis

    Eva Pyrihová, Martin S King ... Edmund RS Kunji
    Stramenopiles are unusual, because the pay-off phase of glycolysis occurs in mitochondria rather than the cytosol and the identified mitochondrial carrier links the two parts by transporting glycolytic intermediates.
    1. Plant Biology

    Natural genetic variation underlying the negative effect of elevated CO2 on ionome composition in Arabidopsis thaliana

    Oceane Cassan, Lea-Lou Pimpare ... Antoine Martin
    Plants show a high level of genetic diversity in their response to elevated CO2, suggesting the presence of genetic mechanisms that will allow them to adapt to this environmental change.
    1. Biochemistry and Chemical Biology

    Human pannexin 1 channel is not phosphorylated by Src tyrosine kinase at Tyr199 and Tyr309

    Zheng Ruan, Junuk Lee ... Wei Lü
    A comprehensive analysis questioned the prevailing views of Src-mediated hPANX1 phosphorylation at Tyr199 and Tyr309.
    1. Developmental Biology
    2. Immunology and Inflammation

    Resident and recruited macrophages differentially contribute to cardiac healing after myocardial ischemia

    Tobias Weinberger, Messerer Denise ... Christian Schulz
    In cardiac ischemia/reperfusion injury, resident macrophages orchestrate the immune response and positively influence postinfarct remodeling, whereas recruited macrophages determine infarct size.
    1. Cell Biology
    2. Developmental Biology

    Aging impairs cold-induced beige adipogenesis and adipocyte metabolic reprogramming

    Corey D Holman, Alexander P Sakers ... Patrick Seale
    Single-cell expression profiling and genetic lineage analysis show that aging impairs adipocyte differentiation from precursor cells and blocks the thermogenic activation of adipocytes during cold exposure.