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Research Articles published by eLife are full-length studies that present important breakthroughs across the life sciences and biomedicine. There is no maximum length and no limits on the number of display items.

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    1. Computational and Systems Biology
    2. Genetics and Genomics

    Systems level identification of a matrisome-associated macrophage polarisation state in multi-organ fibrosis

    John F Ouyang, Kunal Mishra ... Jacques Behmoaras
    A meta-analysis of single-cell data reveals an advanced and conserved polarisation state of SPP1+ macrophages in multiple human fibrotic tissues.
    1. Cell Biology
    2. Microbiology and Infectious Disease

    A cell wall synthase accelerates plasma membrane partitioning in mycobacteria

    Takehiro Kado, Zarina Akbary ... M Sloan Siegrist
    A newly established reversible model of membrane departitioning and repartitioning in bacteria uncovers the role of a cell wall synthase in regulating membrane partitioning.
    1. Ecology
    2. Epidemiology and Global Health

    Mosquito community composition shapes virus prevalence patterns along anthropogenic disturbance gradients

    Kyra Hermanns, Marco Marklewitz ... Sandra Junglen
    Analysis of naturally infected mosquitoes shows that ecosystem disturbance can lead to a turnover in host community composition and that more individuals of a single species are a key driver of virus emergence.
    1. Cell Biology
    2. Computational and Systems Biology

    Continuous sensing of nutrients and growth factors by the mTORC1-TFEB axis

    Breanne Sparta, Nont Kosaisawe ... John G Albeck
    Single-cell data on cell signaling responses to nutrient variation enable quantitative models of cellular control over protein synthesis, formalizing the concept of mTOR as a homeostatic controller of cellular metabolism.
    1. Neuroscience

    Balancing true and false detection of intermittent sensory targets by adjusting the inputs to the evidence accumulation process

    Anna C Geuzebroek, Hannah Craddock ... Simon P Kelly
    In order to adjust for expected difficulty level while detecting unpredictably timed target within continuous streams of noisy information, people regulate the transfer of the sensory inputs to the accumulation process.
    1. Ecology

    Higher social tolerance is associated with more complex facial behavior in macaques

    Alan V Rincon, Bridget M Waller ... Jérôme Micheletta
    Detailed quantification of macaque facial behavior reveals a positive link between social and communicative complexity, and helps us to better understand the evolution of animal communication.
    1. Cancer Biology

    Integrin β4 promotes DNA damage-related drug resistance in triple-negative breast cancer via TNFAIP2/IQGAP1/RAC1

    Huan Fang, Wenlong Ren ... Ceshi Chen
    TNFAIP2 was found to interact with IQGAP1 and Integrin β4, which activates RAC1 through TNFAIP2 and IQGAP1 and confers DNA damage-related drug resistance in triple-negative breast cancer.
    1. Cell Biology
    2. Genetics and Genomics

    Novel regulators of islet function identified from genetic variation in mouse islet Ca2+ oscillations

    Christopher H Emfinger, Lauren E Clark ... Alan D Attie
    Analysis of islet calcium oscillation responses will provide the field with a resource with which to determine the strain of interest for their specific islet biology questions.