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  1. David George Saliba
  2. Pablo F Cespedes-Donoso
  3. Štefan Bálint
  4. Ewoud B Compeer
  5. Kseniya Korobchevskaya
  6. Salvatore Valvo
  7. Viveka Mayya
  8. Audun Kvalvaag
  9. Yanchun Peng
  10. Tao Dong
  11. Maria-Laura Tognoli
  12. Eric O'Neill
  13. Sarah Bonham
  14. Roman Fischer
  15. Benedikt M Kessler
  16. Michael L Dustin
Composition and structure of synaptic ectosomes exporting antigen receptor linked to functional CD40 ligand from helper T-cells
eLife 8:e47528.