1. Immunology and Inflammation
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Multiplexed imaging of immune cells in staged multiple sclerosis lesions by mass cytometry

  1. Valeria Ramaglia  Is a corresponding author
  2. Salma Sheikh-Mohamed
  3. Karen Legg
  4. Calvin Park
  5. Olga L Rojas
  6. Stephanie Zandee
  7. Fred Fu
  8. Olga Ornatsky
  9. Eric C Swanson
  10. David Pitt
  11. Alexandre Prat
  12. Trevor D McKee
  13. Jennifer L Gommerman
  1. University of Toronto, Canada
  2. Yale School of Medicine, United States
  3. Université de Montreal, Canada
  4. University Health Network, Canada
  5. Fluidigm Inc, Canada
  6. Université de Montréal, Canada
Research Article
Cite this article as: eLife 2019;8:e48051 doi: 10.7554/eLife.48051
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