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  1. Brian R Lee
  2. Agata Budzillo
  3. Kristen Hadley
  4. Jeremy A Miller
  5. Tim Jarsky
  6. Katherine Baker
  7. DiJon Hill
  8. Lisa Kim
  9. Rusty Mann
  10. Lindsay Ng
  11. Aaron Oldre
  12. Ramkumar Rajanbabu
  13. Jessica Trinh
  14. Sara Vargas
  15. Thomas Braun
  16. Rachel A Dalley
  17. Nathan W Gouwens
  18. Brian E Kalmbach
  19. Tae Kyung Kim
  20. Kimberly A Smith
  21. Gilberto Soler-Llavina
  22. Staci Sorensen
  23. Bosiljka Tasic
  24. Jonathan T Ting
  25. Ed Lein
  26. Hongkui Zeng
  27. Gabe J Murphy
  28. Jim Berg
Scaled, high fidelity electrophysiological, morphological, and transcriptomic cell characterization
eLife 10:e65482.