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A Tools and Resources article allows authors to publish the details of new experimental techniques, datasets, software tools, and other resources.

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    1. Medicine

    An atlas of brain-bone sympathetic neural circuits in mice

    Vitaly Ryu, Anisa Azatovna Gumerova ... Mone Zaidi
    Central SNS outflow sites originating from 87 brain nuclei and sub-nuclei in six brain divisions innervate bone.
    1. Neuroscience

    Multi-day neuron tracking in high-density electrophysiology recordings using earth mover’s distance

    Augustine Xiaoran Yuan, Jennifer Colonell ... Timothy D Harris
    Neurons can be tracked in mice implanted with Neuropixels 2.0 probes for up to 8 weeks using visual receptive fields to score tracking in the absence of reference data.
    1. Neuroscience

    Machine learning of dissection photographs and surface scanning for quantitative 3D neuropathology

    Harshvardhan Gazula, Henry FJ Tregidgo ... Juan E Iglesias
    New open-source software enables, for the first time, extraction of quantitative information from brain dissection photographs that are routinely taken at brain banks for archiving purposes but otherwise not exploited.
    1. Computational and Systems Biology
    2. Neuroscience

    Deciphering the genetic code of neuronal type connectivity through bilinear modeling

    Mu Qiao
    A novel bilinear modeling approach reveals genetic code of neuronal connectivity, offering insights for targeted genetic interventions in neural circuits.
    1. Medicine
    2. Neuroscience

    Digital wearable insole-based identification of knee arthropathies and gait signatures using machine learning

    Matthew F Wipperman, Allen Z Lin ... Olivier Harari
    Biosensor data collected by digital insoles is comparable to lab-based clinical assessments and can be used to identify subject-specific gait patterns.
    1. Computational and Systems Biology

    Phantasus, a web application for visual and interactive gene expression analysis

    Maksim Kleverov, Daria Zenkova ... Alexey A Sergushichev
    Phantasus democratizes gene expression analysis, offering intuitive and interactive tools that streamline the exploration and analysis of user-provided data and over 96,000 public datasets.
    1. Neuroscience

    Pan-cortical 2-photon mesoscopic imaging and neurobehavioral alignment in awake, behaving mice

    Evan D Vickers, David A McCormick
    Procedures were developed to perform mesoscale 2-photon Ca2+ imaging simultaneously from all of mouse dorsolateral neocortex, facilitating identification of widespread neural ensembles with activity related to diverse aspects of behavior.
    1. Computational and Systems Biology

    Predicting metabolic modules in incomplete bacterial genomes with MetaPathPredict

    David Geller-McGrath, Kishori M Konwar ... Jason E McDermott
    MetaPathPredict is a novel bioinformatics tool that makes accurate predictions of KEGG module presence within highly incomplete bacterial genomes.
    1. Neuroscience

    Conditional chemoconnectomics (cCCTomics) as a strategy for efficient and conditional targeting of chemical transmission

    Renbo Mao, Jianjun Yu ... Yi Rao
    New toolkits have been developed to enable cell-type-specific manipulation of CCT genes with remarkable efficiency while also uncovering the role of CNMa signal in regulating morning anticipation.
    1. Cell Biology

    Endogenous tagging using split mNeonGreen in human iPSCs for live imaging studies

    Mathieu C Husser, Nhat P Pham ... Alisa Piekny
    The split mNeonGreen system enables fast and efficient endogenous tagging in human iPSCs and facilitates the study of proteins in human stem cells and differentiated cells by live imaging.