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  1. Felicia Reinitz
  2. Elizabeth Y Chen
  3. Benedetta Nicolis di Robilant
  4. Bayarsaikhan Chuluun
  5. Jane Antony
  6. Robert C Jones
  7. Neha Gubbi
  8. Karen Lee
  9. William Hai Dang Ho
  10. Sai Saroja Kolluru
  11. Dalong Qian
  12. Maddalena Adorno
  13. Katja Piltti
  14. Aileen Anderson
  15. Michelle Monje
  16. H Craig Heller
  17. Stephen R Quake
  18. Michael F Clarke
Inhibiting USP16 rescues stem cell aging and memory in an Alzheimer's model
eLife 11:e66037.