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  1. Renata O Pereira
  2. Alex Marti
  3. Angela Crystal Olvera
  4. Satya Murthy Tadinada
  5. Sarah Hartwick Bjorkman
  6. Eric Thomas Weatherford
  7. Donald A Morgan
  8. Michael Westphal
  9. Pooja H Patel
  10. Ana Karina Kirby
  11. Rana Hewezi
  12. William Bùi Trần
  13. Luis Miguel García-Peña
  14. Rhonda A Souvenir
  15. Monika Mittal
  16. Christopher M Adams
  17. Kamal Rahmouni
  18. Matthew J Potthoff
  19. E Dale Abel
OPA1 deletion in brown adipose tissue Improves thermoregulation and systemic metabolism via FGF21
eLife 10:e66519.