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  1. Linda K Krasniewski
  2. Papiya Chakraborty
  3. Chang-Yi Cui
  4. Krystyna Mazan-Mamczarz
  5. Christopher Dunn
  6. Yulan Piao
  7. Jinshui Fan
  8. Changyou Shi
  9. Tonya Wallace
  10. Cuong Nguyen
  11. Isabelle A Rathbun
  12. Rachel Munk
  13. Dimitrios Tsitsipatis
  14. Supriyo De
  15. Payel Sen
  16. Luigi Ferrucci
  17. Myriam M Gorospe
Single-cell analysis of skeletal muscle macrophages reveals age-associated functional subpopulations
eLife 11:e77974.