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Cell Biology

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    Kiaa1024L/Minar2 is essential for hearing by regulating cholesterol distribution in hair bundles

    Ge Gao, Shuyu Guo ... Gang Peng
    Cholesterol plays an essential role in hair bundles, and Kiaa1024L/Minar2 regulates cholesterol distribution and homeostasis to ensure normal hearing.
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    Urine-derived exosomes from individuals with IPF carry pro-fibrotic cargo

    Sharon Elliot, Paola Catanuto ... Marilyn K Glassberg
    A systemic feature of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis whereby urine-derived exosomes contain pro-fibrotic microRNAs and interfere with response to tissue injury.
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    Defocus Corrected Large Area Cryo-EM (DeCo-LACE) for label-free detection of molecules across entire cell sections

    Johannes Elferich, Giulia Schiroli ... Nikolaus Grigorieff
    Cryo-electron microscopy can be used to detect biomolecules in entire 100- to 250-nm-thick cell slices when using a method to collect montages that prevents radiation damage in areas that have not been imaged yet.
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    Unleashing a novel function of Endonuclease G in mitochondrial genome instability

    Sumedha Dahal, Humaira Siddiqua ... Sathees C Raghavan
    A new role for Endonuclease G with respect to the generation of mtDNA deletions is identified, which is dependent on the formation of G4 DNA within human mitochondria.
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    Insulin sensitivity is preserved in mice made obese by feeding a high starch diet

    Amanda E Brandon, Lewin Small ... Gregory J Cooney
    Mice made obese by feeding a high starch diet do not develop insulin resistance like mice made similarly obese by a high fat diet and this is associated with differences in specific bioactive ceramide species in liver and muscle tissue.
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    The Nse5/6-like SIMC1-SLF2 complex localizes SMC5/6 to viral replication centers

    Martina Oravcová, Minghua Nie ... Michael N Boddy
    SIMC1 and SLF1 bind exclusively to SLF2 to form two separate complexes that direct the human SMC5/6 complex to its antiviral defense or DNA lesion repair activities.
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    Endocytic trafficking determines cellular tolerance of presynaptic opioid signaling

    Damien Jullié, Camila Benitez ... Mark von Zastrow
    Quantitative imaging of neurons reveals how opioid agonists produce long-term functional tolerance at presynaptic terminals through rapid internalization of receptors from the axonal surface.
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    A motor neuron disease-associated mutation produces non-glycosylated Seipin that induces ER stress and apoptosis by inactivating SERCA2b

    Shunsuke Saito, Tokiro Ishikawa ... Kazutoshi Mori
    When non-glycosylated, Seipin, which spans the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) membrane twice, forms aggregates in an oligomerization-dependent manner, distorts the shape of the ER, and incorporates SERCA2b via direct interaction, inactivation of which results in induction of ER stress and apoptosis.
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    Fixation can change the appearance of phase separation in living cells

    Shawn Irgen-Gioro, Shawn Ryohei Yoshida ... Shasha Chong

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