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  1. Publishing with eLife: Submitting with our new model

    How do you submit your research to eLife’s new model and what questions should you ask before submitting?
  2. eLife Magazine: 300 Feature Articles and counting

    Feature Articles in eLife cover research culture, diversity and inclusion, and a wide range of other topics related to science and research.
  3. eLife Latest: 2024 update on the diversity of our editorial community

    Our most detailed report on the diversity of eLife's editorial board showcases three years of progress, as well as areas for further improvement.
  4. Being Neurodivergent in Academia: Your tips, tools and resources

    A crowdsourced list of practical advice on how to navigate the research environment, from and for neurodivergent scientists.
  5. Early-Career Advisory Group: Saying goodbye to leaving members

    We hear from Andy, Carolina, and Florencia as they finish their four-year term of advising at eLife and pass on their experiences to early-career researchers who wish to get involved in building change.
    1. Immunology and Inflammation
    2. Medicine
    3. Microbiology and Infectious Disease

    Focus Issue: Call for papers in Trained Immunity

    After a decade of research into innate immune memory, we are pleased to launch a call for papers in trained immunity addressing what we have learned and what’s next for the field.
  6. eLife’s New Model: One year on

    Explore key milestones, achievements and findings from the first year of eLife’s new model.
  7. Equity, Diversity and Inclusion: Introducing the eLife Global South Committee for Open Science

    The newly-formed Global South Committee for Open Science will advise eLife on how best to promote equitable collaboration and inclusion.
  8. eLife Ambassadors Survey: Why do postdocs leave labs?

    Discussions throughout the eLife Ambassadors programme have led to this initiative to investigate the reasons behind the premature departure of postdocs from research groups and the consequential impact of this phenomenon amid the ongoing postdoc crisis.
  9. Science Communication: Seven tips for discussing preprints on social media

    Gain insights into tried-and-tested actions for communicating preprinted research effectively and responsibly on social media.