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  1. eLife Latest: Testing the Materials Design Analysis Reporting (MDAR) checklist

    We share the results from a recent cross-journal test of a minimum standards reporting checklist for the life sciences.
  2. Peer Review: Final results from a trial at eLife

    A new approach to peer review resulted in a moderately higher acceptance rate, with all the issues raised by reviewers addressed by the authors in the vast majority of revised submissions.
  3. Early-career Reviewers: Reflections on focused inclusion in reviews at eLife

    We explore what happened when nine eLife Reviewing Editors explicitly included early-career reviewers in the review process.
  4. What you always wanted to know about the p-value, but were afraid to ask

    A recording of the recent webinar, where Dr. Ulrich Dirnagl discussed the scientific ritual of significance testing.
  5. Webinar Report: How to succeed in science startups

    In two separate webinars, successful science entrepreneurs discussed how to convert your discovery and passion into a prospering business.
  6. Reproducibility and Data Reuse in Life Science

    Watch the full proceedings of a workshop on reproducibility and data reuse in life sciences, co-organised with SciLifeLab
  7. Travel Grants: Another seven early-career researchers receive awards

    Researchers from Denmark, Greece, India, the United Kingdom and the United States receive grants to present their work at meetings around the world.
  8. Peer Review Week 2019: Thank you to our reviewers for their contributions

    Over the past 12 months, more than 5,000 researchers participated in eLife’s consultative peer-review process, evaluating more than 2,600 full submissions.
  9. Research Practice Survey: An invitation to take part

    Help us paint a clearer picture of research practices today.
  10. Mark Patterson: On leaving eLife

    Having joined eLife in 2011, recruited and lead the staff team, Mark Patterson is planning to retire and leave his role as Executive Director at the end of this year. Here, he offers some personal perspectives on his time at eLife.