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  1. eLife's New Publishing Model: Ask our editorial team your questions

    Join us for a webinar on January 2023 at 6pm GMT, and ask our editorial team your questions about our new publishing process
  2. For Authors: Updates from eLife’s Ethics Committee

    An update on eLife’s Ethics Committee’s recent efforts and future plans.
  3. Webinar Report: Micropublications, Open Collaboration and Reducing Intellectual Waste in Science

    Our speaker delves into the barriers to the true aim of research- to discover and advance knowledge, and how achieving this depends on global and inclusive structures for collaboration and knowledge sharing.
  4. Ben Barres Spotlight Awards: Announcing the winners for 2022

    12 scientists from around the world are recognised with awards to catalyse change and unlock new research and career opportunities, including five authors of Reviewed Preprints.
  5. eLife Latest: Gender diversity of eLife peer reviewers

    Self-reported demographic data offer insights into the gender balance of our reviewer base, but low response rates limit some analyses.
  6. eLife's New Model: Funders support use of reviewed preprints in research assessment

    Funders and other research organisations are embracing reviewed preprints as an alternative way to assess researchers, and call on others to do the same.
    1. Medicine

    Special Issue: Call for papers in reproductive health

    Submit to our latest Special Issue which will showcase exciting research in reproductive biology and medicine.
  7. eLife Latest: Welcoming our newest editors in Latin America

    eLife’s representation in Latin America more than triples as over 40 researchers based across the region join our editorial board.
  8. Technology at eLife: 10 years of innovation

    eLife has worked on several significant open-source technologies over the last 10 years, and is working today on building the ‘publish, review, curate’ ecosystem of the future.
  9. Anniversary Highlights: 10 years of eLife

    Celebrate 10 years of eLife with this special collection of content that looks back over the last decade in science, and forwards to what’s to come.