Evolutionary Biology

Evolutionary Biology

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    Evolutionary trends of alternative splicing

    Rebeca de la Fuente, Wladimiro Díaz-Villanueva ... Andrés Moya
    1. Biochemistry and Chemical Biology
    2. Evolutionary Biology

    Fitness landscape of substrate-adaptive mutations in evolved APC transporters

    Foteini Karapanagioti, Úlfur Á. Atlason ... Sebastian Obermaier
    1. Evolutionary Biology

    Synthetic Biology: Shining a light on Ohno’s dilemma

    Isabella Tomanek
    Laboratory experiments on a fluorescent protein in E. coli reveal how duplicate genes are rapidly inactivated by mutations during evolution.
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    1. Evolutionary Biology

    The evolution of olfactory sensitivity, preferences, and behavioral responses in Mexican cavefish is influenced by fish personality

    Maryline Blin, Louis Valay ... Sylvie Rétaux
    Individual olfactory-driven behaviors, odor preferences, and olfactory sensitivity have rapidly evolved in blind Mexican cavefish, as a quantitative genetic trait.
    1. Evolutionary Biology

    Evolutionary druggability for low-dimensional fitness landscapes toward new metrics for antimicrobial applications

    Rafael F Guerrero, Tandin Dorji ... C Brandon Ogbunugafor
    Inspired by notions of 'druggability' from medicinal chemistry, two new metrics, drug applicability and variant vulnerability, utilize evolutionary perspectives and methods to improve attempts to treat infectious diseases.

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