Evolutionary Biology

Evolutionary Biology

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    1. Evolutionary Biology

    Biocalcification in porcelaneous foraminifera

    Zofia Dubicka, Jarosław Tyszka ... Ulf Bickmeyer
    1. Evolutionary Biology

    Early evolution of the ecdysozoan body plan

    Deng Wang, Yaqin Qiang ... Jian Han
    Discovery of new taxon of Saccorhytida suggests that the ground pattern of Ecdysozoa may not be elongated vermiform instead sac-like in shape.
    1. Evolutionary Biology

    On the nature of the earliest known life forms

    Dheeraj Kanaparthi, Marko Lampe ... Tillmann Lueders


    1. Developmental Biology
    2. Evolutionary Biology

    Natural History of Model Organisms: E. coqui

    Sarah E Westrick, Mara Laslo, Eva K Fischer
    1. Ecology
    2. Evolutionary Biology

    Plant Biology: Hiding in plain smell

    Youngsung Joo, Meredith C Schuman

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