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  1. eLife Latest: Highlighting meta-research

    A new collection page brings together articles that eLife has published in the burgeoning field of meta-research.
  2. Webinar Report: Private funding in science

    How can early-career researchers attract funding from non-governmental sources?
  3. eLife Ambassadors: Progress in the final phase

    Key initiatives to support early-career researchers and open science are nearing completion.
  4. eLife Latest: Towards minimal reporting standards for life scientists

    A group of journal editors and experts in reproducibility and transparent reporting are putting together a framework for minimal reporting standards in the life sciences.
  5. Gender Equity: Addressing recruitment at the departmental level

    We suggest five ways in which biology departments can improve their hiring processes in order to achieve gender equity in their workforce.
  6. Webinar Report: Small molecules, big molecules and beyond

    Phil Cole, eLife Senior Editor, and guests discussed new areas of interest in chemical biology.
  7. eLife Latest: Digests get a new home

    The eLife website now has a dedicated section for plain-language summaries of the latest research.
  8. Webinar Report: Being a scientist and a parent

    How can researchers build family friendly careers?
  9. Early-career researcher travel grants 2018: Eight authors selected in the final round of funding

    The grantees will receive up to $1,000 to help them present their work at scientific meetings.
  10. eLife Latest: We welcome two new Senior Editors

    Two Reviewing Editors now join eLife’s leadership team.