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    1. Biochemistry and Chemical Biology

    Webinar Report: Unpuzzling proteins

    Ivan Dikic, eLife Senior Editor, and his guests discussed the most exciting discoveries and challenges at the forefront of protein biochemistry.
  1. Peer Review Week 2018: eLife thanks reviewers for their contributions

    4,845 researchers reviewed 2,392 full submissions to eLife in the last year, helping to increase collaboration and transparency within the review process.
  2. Annual report: Looking back on 2017

    A reflection on eLife's achievements in 2017, notably in convening and supporting communities, modernising technology for research communication and partnering with early-career researchers.
  3. From the eLife Board: More than just a journal

    Members of the eLife Board of Directors share their views on what we’ve achieved so far and where we’re going next.
  4. eLife latest: An additional 30 working scientists join the Board of Reviewing Editors

    eLife is pleased to welcome new Reviewing Editors, including a recent early-career reviewer.
  5. Promotion: Free webcam cover when you sign up to receive the latest research

    eLife offers all new subscribers of our weekly content alerts the chance to claim.
  6. Announcement: eLife signs open letter on publication of peer review reports

    The open letter highlights the commitment of various journals and publishers to making peer review reports available, and encourages others to do the same.
  7. eLife latest: Looking for a new Editor-in-Chief

    eLife is conducting an open search for a new Editor-in-Chief to succeed Randy Schekman.
  8. Peer review: eLife’s trial closes for submissions

    Authors were invited to opt in to a trial process in which they decide how to respond to the issues raised during peer review.
  9. eLife Ambassadors: Progress of key initiatives at the midpoint of the programme

    Meta-research, a popular reproducibility workshop, research into best funding practices and a dedicated blog are just some of the projects underway to support early-career scientists and promote open science.