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  1. Life story: Anne Hakim

    Having kids helps you to be more time efficient.
  2. Lotte Meteyard with her cat Teddy

    Life story: Lotte Meteyard

    Parenthood means last minute changes of schedule are no longer possible.
  3. Life story: Chileshe Mabula-Bwalya

    Adjusting to a new identity as a mother comes with challenges, but with help, a rewarding research career is possible.
  4. Life story: Estefanía Milla-Moreno

    Academia needs to move towards a more family-friendly environment.
  5. Life story: Marta Garrido

    Parenting as an early-career researcher and as a group leader hold different challenges.
  6. Life story: Tim Kietzmann

    When you have children, chasing the dream job of being a scientist can often mean relying on your partner to be flexible.
  7. Life story: Adrian Liston

    Equal parenting needs to start from day one, and requires advance planning.
  8. Life story: Yanlan Mao

    Planning your time effectively can help to set aside quality time for your children.
  9. Life story: Gaby Da Silva Xavier

    For some research is not just a job, and pursuing a career you love can help you be a good role model for your child.
  10. Life story: FM

    Getting your priorities straight will help you to achieve your goals.