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  1. Life story: Viki Male

    Being a parent can push you to reach for higher goals.
  2. Life story: Rogier Kievit

    Having a child makes you focus on the things that truly matter.
  3. Bede Portz with his two children

    Life story: Bede Portz

    With the right advisor, having children during a PhD can be a great joy, but lack of affordable childcare is a problem.
  4. Scientist and Parent: Finding joy in the balancing act

    Flexible working hours and a supportive lab allow Rebecca Burdine to organize her research around caring for her children.
  5. Life story: Douglas D Garrett

    If you want to be a scientist parent, come to Germany.
  6. Life story: Daniel Fabian and Susanne Franssen

    Things rarely go as planned.
  7. Life story: Anne Hakim

    Having kids helps you to be more time efficient.
  8. Lotte Meteyard with her cat Teddy

    Life story: Lotte Meteyard

    Parenthood means last minute changes of schedule are no longer possible.
  9. Life story: Chileshe Mabula-Bwalya

    Adjusting to a new identity as a mother comes with challenges, but with help, a rewarding research career is possible.
  10. Life story: Estefanía Milla-Moreno

    Academia needs to move towards a more family-friendly environment.