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  1. Andrew T Timberlake
  2. Jungmin Choi
  3. Samir Zaidi
  4. Qiongshi Lu
  5. Carol Nelson-Williams
  6. Eric D Brooks
  7. Kaya Bilguvar
  8. Irina Tikhonova
  9. Shrikant Mane
  10. Jenny F Yang
  11. Rajendra Sawh-Martinez
  12. Sarah Persing
  13. Elizabeth G Zellner
  14. Erin Loring
  15. Carolyn Chuang
  16. Amy Galm
  17. Peter W Hashim
  18. Derek M Steinbacher
  19. Michael L DiLuna
  20. Charles C Duncan
  21. Kevin A Pelphrey
  22. Hongyu Zhao
  23. John A Persing
  24. Richard P Lifton
Two locus inheritance of non-syndromic midline craniosynostosis via rare SMAD6 and common BMP2 alleles
eLife 5:e20125.