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  1. Lorna Moll
  2. Noa Roitenberg
  3. Michal Bejerano-Sagie
  4. Hana Boocholez
  5. Filipa Carvalhal Marques
  6. Yuli Volovik
  7. Tayir Elami
  8. Atif Ahmed Siddiqui
  9. Danielle Grushko
  10. Adi Biram
  11. Bar Lampert
  12. Hana Achache
  13. Tommer Ravid
  14. Yonatan B Tzur
  15. Ehud Cohen
The Insulin/IGF signaling cascade modulates SUMOylation to regulate aging and proteostasis in C. elegans
eLife 7:e38635.