1. Biochemistry and Chemical Biology
  2. Computational and Systems Biology
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ATP-induced asymmetric pre-protein folding as a driver of protein translocation through the Sec machinery

  1. Robin A Corey
  2. Zainab Ahdash
  3. Anokhi Shah
  4. Euan Pyle
  5. William John Allen
  6. Tomas Fessl
  7. Janet E Lovett  Is a corresponding author
  8. Argyris Politis  Is a corresponding author
  9. Ian Collinson  Is a corresponding author
  1. University of Bristol, United Kingdom
  2. King's College London, United Kingdom
  3. University of St Andrews, United Kingdom
  4. University of South Bohemia in Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic
Research Article
Cite this article as: eLife 2019;8:e41803 doi: 10.7554/eLife.41803
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