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  1. Luis F Sifuentes-Dominguez
  2. Haiying Li
  3. Ernesto Llano
  4. Zhe Liu
  5. Amika Singla
  6. Ashish S Patel
  7. Mahesh Kathania
  8. Areen Khoury
  9. Nicholas Norris
  10. Jonathan J Rios
  11. Petro Starokadomskyy
  12. Jason Y Park
  13. Purva Gopal
  14. Qi Liu
  15. Shuai Tan
  16. Lillienne Chan
  17. Theodora Ross
  18. Steven Harrison
  19. K Venuprasad
  20. Linda A Baker
  21. Da Jia
  22. Ezra Burstein
SCGN deficiency results in colitis susceptibility
eLife 8:e49910.