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  1. Senem Aykul
  2. Richard A Corpina
  3. Erich J Goebel
  4. Camille J Cunanan
  5. Alexandra Dimitriou
  6. Hyonjong Kim
  7. Qian Zhang
  8. Ashique Rafique
  9. Raymond Leidich
  10. Xin Wang
  11. Joyce McClain
  12. Johanna Jimenez
  13. Kalyan C Nannuru
  14. Nyanza J Rothman
  15. John B Lees-Shepard
  16. Erik Martinez-Hackert
  17. Andrew J Murphy
  18. Thomas B Thompson
  19. Aris N Economides
  20. Vincent Idone
Activin A forms a non-signaling complex with ACVR1 and type II Activin/BMP receptors via its finger 2 tip loop
eLife 9:e54582.