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The Role of Rif1 in telomere length regulation is separable from its role in origin firing

  1. Calla B Shubin
  2. Carol W Greider  Is a corresponding author
  1. Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, United States
Research Article
Cite this article as: eLife 2020;9:e58066 doi: 10.7554/eLife.58066
1 data set and 1 additional file

Data availability

Sequencing data have been deposited in NCBI BioProject/SRA PRJNA627739, Copy number sequencing in S. cerevisiae under SRA accession codes: SRR11601580, SRR11601579, SRR11601583, SRR11601584, SRR11601587, SRR11601586, SRR11601594, SRR11601592, SRR11601590, SRR11601589, SRR11601585, SRR11601591, SRR11601582, SRR11601593, SRR11601588, SRR11601581, SRR11601576, SRR11601577, SRR11601578, SRR11601575

The following data sets were generated
  1. 1
    Copy number sequencing in S. cerevisiae
    1. Shubin CB
    2. Greider CW
    NCBI BioProject/SRA, PRJNA627739.

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