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  1. George A Mashour
  2. Ben JA Palanca
  3. Mathias Basner
  4. Duan Li
  5. Wei Wang
  6. Stephanie Blain-Moraes
  7. Nan Lin
  8. Kaitlyn Maier
  9. Maxwell Muench
  10. Vijay Tarnal
  11. Giancarlo Vanini
  12. E Andrew Ochroch
  13. Rosemary Hogg
  14. Marlon Schwartz
  15. Hannah Maybrier
  16. Randall Hardie
  17. Ellen Janke
  18. Goodarz Golmirzaie
  19. Paul Picton
  20. Andrew R McKinstry-Wu
  21. Michael S Avidan
  22. Max B Kelz
Recovery of consciousness and cognition after general anesthesia in humans
eLife 10:e59525.