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    1. Medicine

    Loss of full-length dystrophin expression results in major cell-autonomous abnormalities in proliferating myoblasts

    Maxime RF Gosselin, Virginie Mournetas ... Dariusz C Gorecki
    Loss of full-length dystrophin expression causes significant molecular and functional defects in human and mouse myoblast, thus closing the vicious cycle of DMD pathology.
    1. Immunology and Inflammation
    2. Medicine

    Neutrophil-mediated fibroblast-tumor cell il-6/stat-3 signaling underlies the association between neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio dynamics and chemotherapy response in localized pancreatic cancer: A hybrid clinical-preclinical study

    Iago de Castro Silva, Anna Bianchi ... Jashodeep Datta
    A neutrophil-CAF-tumor cell IL-1β/IL-6/STAT-3 signaling axis in the pancreatic tumor microenvironment underlies the association between neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio dynamics and pathologic response in patients with pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma undergoing neoadjuvant therapy.
    1. Immunology and Inflammation
    2. Medicine

    Bone marrow adipocytes drive the development of tissue invasive Ly6Chigh monocytes during obesity

    Parastoo Boroumand, David C Prescott ... Amira Klip
    Diet-induced obesity in mice led to a duration of diet-dependent bone marrow adipocyte whitening, which drove monocyte expansion and skewing towards a tissue-invasive phenotype, likely contributing to ensuing tissue infiltration that accompanies obesity and diabetes.
    1. Medicine

    FSH-blocking therapeutic for osteoporosis

    Sakshi Gera, Tan-Chun Kuo ... Mone Zaidi
    1. Medicine
    2. Neuroscience

    Sleep EEG in young people with 22q11.2 deletion syndrome: A cross-sectional study of slow-waves, spindles and correlations with memory and neurodevelopmental symptoms

    Nicholas A Donnelly, Ullrich Bartsch ... Matt W Jones
    Measures of sleep features such as spindles and slow waves differentiate between young people with 22q11.2 microdeletion syndrome and healthy controls, and may mediate the relationship between this genotype and psychiatric symptoms.
    1. Medicine
    2. Neuroscience

    Stage-dependent differential influence of metabolic and structural networks on memory across Alzheimer’s disease continuum

    Kok Pin Ng, Xing Qian ... Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative
    The early influence of the breakdown of both hippocampal structural network and angular gyrus-seeded default mode metabolism network on memory performance underscore the importance of early intervention in preclinical Alzheimer’s disease.
    1. Medicine

    Brain atlas for glycoprotein hormone receptors at single-transcript level

    Vitaly Ryu, Anisa Gumerova ... Mone Zaidi
    The most comprehensive neuroanatomical atlas on the expression of three glycoprotein hormone receptors, namely, TSHRs, LHCGRs, and FSHRs, was mapped using RNAscope, a technology that allows the detection of mRNA at single-transcript level.

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