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    1. Medicine

    A kidney-hypothalamus axis promotes compensatory glucose production in response to glycosuria

    Tumininu S Faniyan, Xinyi Zhang ... Kavaljit H Chhabra
    1. Medicine

    Liver microRNA transcriptome reveals miR-182 as link between type 2 diabetes and fatty liver disease in obesity

    Christin Krause, Jan H Britsemmer ... Henriette Kirchner
    The liver microRNA transcriptome of humans with type 2 diabetes and obesity is analyzed for the first time and compared with diet-induced obesity in mice.
    1. Medicine

    Serum proteomic profiling of physical activity reveals CD300LG as a novel exerkine with a potential causal link to glucose homeostasis

    Sindre Lee-Ødegård, Marit Hjorth ... Kåre I Birkeland
    1. Immunology and Inflammation
    2. Medicine

    Anti-inflammatory therapy with nebulized dornase alfa for severe COVID-19 pneumonia: a randomized unblinded trial

    Joanna C Porter, Jamie Inshaw ... Venizelos Papayannopoulos
    Nebulized dornase alfa endonuclease reduces inflammation, coagulopathy, and the length of hospitalization in individuals with severe COVID-19 pneumonia.
    1. Medicine

    Associations of proton pump inhibitors with susceptibility to influenza, pneumonia, and COVID-19: Evidence from a large population-based cohort study

    Ruijie Zeng, Yuying Ma ... Hao Chen
    Proton pump inhibitors are associated with an increased susceptibility to respiratory infections.
    1. Medicine

    An atlas of brain-bone sympathetic neural circuits in mice

    Vitaly Ryu, Anisa Azatovna Gumerova ... Mone Zaidi
    Central SNS outflow sites originating from 87 brain nuclei and sub-nuclei in six brain divisions innervate bone.
    1. Medicine

    Human HPSE2 gene transfer ameliorates bladder pathophysiology in a mutant mouse model of urofacial syndrome

    Filipa M Lopes, Celine Grenier ... Neil A Roberts
    Proof of concept that viral vector-mediated gene transfer improves bladder function in a preclinical model of an inherited early-onset lower urinary tract disease.
    1. Cell Biology
    2. Medicine

    Adventitial fibroblasts direct smooth muscle cell-state transition in pulmonary vascular disease

    Slaven Crnkovic, Helene Thekkekara Puthenparampil ... Grazyna Kwapiszewska

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