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  1. Cesar P Canales
  2. Myka L Estes
  3. Karol Cichewicz
  4. Kartik Angara
  5. John Paul Aboubechara
  6. Scott Cameron
  7. Kathryn Prendergast
  8. Linda Su-Feher
  9. Iva Zdilar
  10. Ellie J Kreun
  11. Emma C Connolly
  12. Jin Myeong Seo
  13. Jack B Goon
  14. Kathleen Farrelly
  15. Tyler W Stradleigh
  16. Deborah van der List
  17. Lory Haapanen
  18. Judy Van de Water
  19. Daniel Vogt
  20. Kim McAllister
  21. Alex S Nord
Sequential perturbations to mouse corticogenesis following in utero maternal immune activation
eLife 10:e60100.