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  1. M Ines Pascoal Ramos
  2. Linjie Tian
  3. Emma J de Ruiter
  4. Chang Song
  5. Ana Paucarmayta
  6. Akashdip Singh
  7. Eline Elshof
  8. Saskia V Vijver
  9. Jahangheer Shaik
  10. Jason Bosiacki
  11. Zachary Cusumano
  12. Christina Jensen
  13. Nicholas Willumsen
  14. Morten A Karsdal
  15. Linda Liu
  16. Sol Langermann
  17. Stefan Willems
  18. Dallas Flies
  19. Linde Meyaard
Cancer immunotherapy by NC410, a LAIR-2 Fc protein blocking human LAIR-collagen interaction
eLife 10:e62927.