1. Microbiology and Infectious Disease
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Post-acute COVID-19 associated with evidence of bystander T-cell activation and a recurring AMR bacterial pneumonia

  1. Michaela Gregorova
  2. Daniel Morse
  3. Tarcisio Brignoli
  4. Joseph Steventon
  5. Fergus Hamilton
  6. Mahableshwar Albur
  7. David Arnold
  8. Matthew Thomas
  9. Alice Halliday
  10. Holly Baum
  11. Christopher Rice
  12. Matthew B Avison
  13. Andrew D Davidson
  14. Marianna Santopaolo
  15. Elizabeth Oliver
  16. Anu Goenka
  17. Adam Finn
  18. Linda Wooldridge
  19. Borko Amulic
  20. Rosemary J Boyton
  21. Daniel M Altmann
  22. David K Butler
  23. Claire McMurray
  24. Joanna Stockton
  25. Sam Nicholls
  26. Charles Cooper
  27. Nicholas Loman
  28. Michael J Cox
  29. Laura Rivino  Is a corresponding author
  30. Ruth C Massey  Is a corresponding author
  1. University of Bristol, United Kingdom
  2. North Bristol NHS Trust, United Kingdom
  3. Bristol Veterinary School in the Faculty of Health Sciences, United Kingdom
  4. Imperial College London, United Kingdom
  5. University of Birmingham, United Kingdom
Short Report
Cite this article as: eLife 2020;9:e63430 doi: 10.7554/eLife.63430
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