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  1. Ankit Sabharwal
  2. Mark D Wishman
  3. Roberto Lopez Cervera
  4. MaKayla R Serres
  5. Jennifer L Anderson
  6. Shannon R Holmberg
  7. Bibekananda Kar
  8. Anthony J Treichel
  9. Noriko Ichino
  10. Weibin Liu
  11. Jingchun Yang
  12. Yonghe Ding
  13. Yun Deng
  14. Jean M Lacey
  15. William J Laxen
  16. Perry R Loken
  17. Devin Oglesbee
  18. Steven Arthur Farber
  19. Karl J Clark
  20. Xiaolei Xu
  21. Stephen C Ekker
Genetic therapy in a mitochondrial disease model suggests a critical role for liver dysfunction in mortality
eLife 11:e65488.