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  1. Audrey Marie Hendley
  2. Arjun Arkal Rao
  3. Laura Leonhardt
  4. Sudipta Ashe
  5. Jennifer A Smith
  6. Simone Giacometti
  7. Xianlu L Peng
  8. Honglin Jiang
  9. David Berrios
  10. Mathias Pawlak
  11. Lucia Y Li
  12. Jonghyun Lee
  13. Eric A Collisson
  14. Mark S Anderson
  15. Gabriela K Fragiadakis
  16. Jen Jen Yeh
  17. Jimmie Ye Chun
  18. Grace E Kim
  19. Valerie M Weaver
  20. Matthias Hebrok
Single cell transcriptome analysis defines heterogeneity of the murine pancreatic ductal tree
eLife 10:e67776.