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  1. Alba Pacheco-Moreno
  2. Francesca L Stefanato
  3. Jonathan J Ford
  4. Christine Trippel
  5. Simon Uszkoreit
  6. Laura Ferrafiat
  7. Lucia Grenga
  8. Ruth Dickens
  9. Nathan Kelly
  10. Alexander DH Kingdon
  11. Liana Ambrosetti
  12. Sergey A Nepogodiev
  13. Kim C Findlay
  14. Jitender Cheema
  15. Martin Trick
  16. Govind Chandra
  17. Graham Tomalin
  18. Jacob G Malone
  19. Andrew W Truman
Pan-genome analysis identifies intersecting roles for Pseudomonas specialized metabolites in potato pathogen inhibition
eLife 10:e71900.