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  1. Ivona Mateska
  2. Anke Witt
  3. Eman Hagag
  4. Anupam Sinha
  5. Canelif Yilmaz
  6. Evangelia Thanou
  7. Na Sun
  8. Ourania Kolliniati
  9. Maria Patschin
  10. Heba Abdelmegeed
  11. Holger Henneicke
  12. Waldemar Kanczkowski
  13. Ben Wielockx
  14. Christos Tsatsanis
  15. Andreas Dahl
  16. Axel Karl Walch
  17. Ka Wan Li
  18. Mirko Peitzsch
  19. Triantafyllos Chavakis
  20. Vasileia Ismini Alexaki
Succinate mediates inflammation-induced adrenocortical dysfunction
eLife 12:e83064.